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Jennifer is an extraordinary healer, empathic, love and passion coach. She knows that sex is sacred and real intimacy is something we hold inside of our authentic self. This classy, sexy mother of three is an international author and radio personality.

Life wasn’t always fun, adventurous and fulfilling. Through Jennifer’s own journey from codependent, needy woman, feeling the need to have a man just to feel whole, Jennifer now helps other women become free of codependency, anxiety, depression as well as self-defeating patterns. Jennifer has helped thousands find harmony within. loving relationships. She has insight beyond book-learning. Her wisdom, caring and authenticity cradle you in a powerful loving energy while you are working with her. Jennifer is more than just a coach. She is a quantum healer, through sight, touch and sound. Her voice heals. Her energy heals. Whether it is through a recording or a video, you will have a sense of being hugged, loved and warmly accepted as you are.

Everyone wants love. We all want to be loved and accepted. Yet, when we attract someone, we are often disappointed with our relationship. We attract partners who might be addicts, alcoholics or abusive. We might wonder why? Don’t we deserve love? Of course you do. What Jennifer has discovered is that when we look at our past relationships and compare them to the relationships that our parents had, the patterns are very similar. In fact, the patterns may be identical.

Why is this? Our unconscious mind and emotions trapped inside run the show. Our unconscious mind was programmed from the time we were conceived till about eight years old. Our unconscious was imprinted with whatever events we experienced during that time. After that, we run on “Autopilot!” We attract partners who are like our fathers or mothers. We can be reactive, constantly triggered or upset by these interactions. If we write down all the descriptors of what you experienced in your family of origin, and compare to the relationships we have attracted, what we discover is that the lists are very similar. We attract what we were imprinted with.

There is a way. We can have the love we want by re-patterning the unconscious mind. If you are committed to having a healthy, balanced relationship, Jennifer can clear the negative imprints and help you move out of triggered behaviors. When we completely love and accept ourselves, with a new imprint we are able to attract healthy, unconditional love.

If you are feeling lonely, anxious, afraid, empty, or unworthy, you will attract someone else with similar issues. Jennifer has been where you are. She became enlightened in 2012. This shifted her perspective about the world and certainly about life, love and sex. Jennifer is authentic, transparent and comfortable in her own skin. She uses the same tools to assist you that she used to heal her own life. Jennifer will help you shift your perspective. With a soft focus, you begin to feel infinitely better. Jennifer helps you see your amazing infinite potential. She is a spiritual pathfinder, helping you find your passion, raise your awareness and vibration through seamless coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Energy work and vibrational healing. Just being on the phone with Jennifer helps you feel calmer, more focused and happier.

Everyone deserves love. You already have everything you need inside you. Jennifer helps sandblast off your shell so that the beautiful you emerges. You have the ability to manifest the life of your dreams. Jennifer will guide you. She is compassionate, insightful, wise, direct and funny. With her wit and wisdom you will be feeling powerful and attract unconditional love. First, you have to love and accept yourself unconditionally. Love begins and ends with you. If you are ready to love, have love give love and are committed to living a life of harmony, happiness and passion, Jennifer will certainly help you to get there.

Jennifer experienced trauma early in her life. This trauma shaped her destiny. While millions have experienced trauma, many do not get the help they need. Whether you have self destructive or addictive patterns or are unable to experience the joy of satisfying sex, Jennifer can help you. She has healed her sexual dysfunction caused by her childhood trauma. It no longer defines her, but assists her in understanding others. Her compassion, love and understanding coupled with guidance from God, your angels and guides, Jennifer will help you to love yourself fearlessly and live a life passionately expressed. From depression, anxiety, apathy, suicidal thoughts, abuse, addictions of all kinds, to living a balanced, harmonious life of joy and happiness. Jennifer has done it, lives and breathes it. She is the real deal.

If you are looking for love, you have to first love and accept yourself completely. When you love yourself unconditionally, others will love you also. You become a magnet for all things wonderful. It took time to get to this place. Self love takes time. Jennifer will give you mantras, meditations and other tools to help you do the repatterning of your unconscious mind. This stuff really works.

For those with specific sexual dysfunction issues, Jennifer works with HTP (premature ejaculation issues), erectile dysfunction and non-orgasmic females. Her work is done by phone or SKYPE. She has worked with famous authors, spiritual masters and their spouses to help heal their emotional issues. Her work is highly confidential. You will feel emotionally supported, loved, understood. You will feel Jennifer’ “gets you,” because she has insight into your soul. You did not get here overnight. Permanent change requires six months for most people. Jennifer works each week from where you are. Each week you will feel empowered, have greater understanding and have tools to use to continue raising your vibration and letting go of the negative self defeating patterns. You will be empowered, encouraged and given deep insight which allows permanent change to occur.

Jennifer loves to work with couples to help resolve issues within the relationship. If both parties are willing, with Jennifer’s help, love, success and your happiness are not only possible, but probable.