Transformation into Enlightenment

Christmas Past: Before Enlightenment

Christmas has been a time of stress, anxiety and depression for me. I missed those that were not with me. I missed my children when they spent time with their father. I felt lonely even when all my loved ones were together. Something was missing and its absence made me feel blue.

I could not put my finger on whether it was a gift I had longed for and not received, or the fact that I could not buy everything my children wanted, although I surely tried. Each and every Christmas was filled with a longing, and an emptiness, until the Christmas of 2012.





For some, enlightenment happens suddenly. My experience was a series of gradual shifts which raised me to higher levels of consciousness and expansion. From the time I read an assigned book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse in school, I wanted to be enlightened. I knew despite what I read that it happened over lifetimes, I wanted to be enlightened in this one. When I interviewed the Buddhist, Lama Surya Das for Oracle 20-20 magazine after reading his book, Awakening The Buddha Within, I knew this could also happen for me. I wondered if I needed to become Buddhist to become enlightened. I studied Buddhism and other religions and discovered on my own that enlightenment is not about religion. It is not about dogma. It is not about belief.

Inner Work

I  worked diligently on myself. I took workshops and became a hypnotherapist and an energy healer. I began to receive strong guidance, which I had begun to follow and trust implicitly. I traveled from city to city teaching workshops as I was guided to do. I even make two long distance moves within a year, which worried my friends and family. The move to Boulder, Colorado in the fall of 2011 was the one that had the most profound impact on me.

Walking in the mountains and daily meditation, sometimes for hours catapulted me beyond the mundane existence of constant suffering. I spent most of my waking hours out in nature and in Spiritual practise. In May of 2012 I had a mystical experience that I heard later occurred for several saints and mystics. After two hours of meditating I felt compelled to lay down to sleep. It was unusual for me to sleep in the middle of the day, but my eyes kept closing and I finally gave in, crawling under the covers  at 11:00 AM. As I laid my head on my pillow my body began to dematerialize. I could feel my body turn into pure energy as I slipped into a deep expansive, limitless space. I likened this physical feeling to seeing Captain Kirk of the Enterprise say, “Beam me up Scotty!” As he did so his body became dots of pure energy. This was what I experienced. When I woke up I felt as if I had been in a coma. This was not like a normal “sleep.”

A few days later, my son, David called me to tell me I showed up on one of the pool decks he was cleaning; in physical form over 1,500 miles away. My body was in bed in Colorado, yet I showed up in Atlanta, Georgia. To say this is a miracle is an understatement. I realized something was happening that I could not stop if I wanted to.

Awakening and enlightenment for most is a gradual thing. Events happen in your life, you experience the emotions, pain and sorrow and you learn, you surrender, and transform. Letting go of past pain, shame and grief, forgiving those that you perceive have hurt you, and loving with non-attachment all helps to move you through the density of our physical form.

Emotions and Feeling

I thought that I would not feel pain if I was enlightened. I thought that I would not feel anger. True, we cease to be governed by emotion, you still feel even more deeply. You are no longer attached to the emotion. It moves through you quickly and is gone. It was gradual. I experienced months of chaos, pain and suffering and then it was gone. I noticed the voices in my head were quiet. There was no running commentary or critique of each event. I did not have to get involved in other’s drama or problems. I was happy doing simple things or doing nothing. I could be still and quiet. I did not have to be on the go. I found myself doing less and enjoying life more. The busy-ness  and the “doing” were not present. The pressure to perform within my head was not there any more. 

Christmas Present: After Enlightenment

The gradual changes that I experienced the past three years culminated in enlightenment for me. I find joy in the smallest of things. I find beauty everywhere. I am happy no matter what my circumstances are. I appreciate everything and I love everyone. I see the Divine in everyone. Not only do I feel connected to The Divine, I feel no separation. God and I are ONE. This is what the ONENESS movement is all about. I am happy with me. I am happy alone. I am happy even though my two sons and daughters in law were not with me for Christmas. I feel full to overflowing instead of depleted. I am more grounded and present. I am happy even though the gifts were few. I am happy being isolated and far away from my mother and brothers. I do not feel lonely or alone. There is no emptiness or yearning. This is coming HOME.

In the place of longing, there is a feeling of fullness. There is no fear, there is no lack. I am not limited. There is love and acceptance and deep inner peace.

I am able to witness other’s pain, yet not be entangled in it. I lovingly accept others as they are without having to judge or critique them. I am no longer embroiled in drama. I witness other’s drama without reacting to it.

Levels of Expansion

I have witnessed and experienced tremendous growth within. Yet at the same time, I know I am not finished growing. I liken Spiritual growth to our educational system. We begin in nursery school, then move into elementary school. We continue through high school. Some people are content to stop at high school while others continue on to receive their Master’s degree. I will ever be expanding and growing until the day I die. Even after death there is continued growth and inner work to be done, without the density of the physical body.

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Jennifer is a catalyst. Her presence stirs up emotions for others allowing them to process easily. A word, a touch or a look opens up the blocks within you and allows blocked energy a way to move. Tears often  are a product of a session with Jennifer. They are an energetic release and are healthy, healing and safe. 

Jennifer is a Oneness Blessing giver, a hypnotherapist, psychic, certified Life Coach, medium, teacher and Spiritual mentor and author. Her first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory is available in bookstores and She is currently working on her second book, “Love Never Dies” to assist people move through grief and loss of a loved one whether it is through death or divorce. This book will be available through her website as an e-book. Jennifer’s work has an energetic transmission encoded within, a transmission of Light and Love 

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