The Ultimate Match Made In Heaven

The Ultimate Match Made in Heaven

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, July 22, 2013


Love is what makes the world go ’round. It is what we all want, long for and dream of. There is no day greater than July 22nd, for making that happen. According to Jewish tradition, and (NO, I am not Jewish), today is the greatest day for commitment, finding a Twin Flame or expressing love to your Beloved, children and other loved ones.
Historically, Tu B Av is explained in the Kabbalah as a day that unites us with LOVE and New Beginning Energy where once a year the sun, full moon in Leo meet and bring love and peace globally. This energy helps us connect to soul mate energy, family and friends and connects your soul to Divine Love energy. 
TuB Av is a day like Valentine’s Day but 1,000 times over. Valentine’s Day shows up on our calendar because someone was massacred for performing marriages against the edict of the political system. What most people do not know is that Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with the planet Venus – the Goddess of Love. If you notice Venus is not present on Valentine’s Day.

T’u B av

Was the one day that Jewish tribes were allowed to intermarry. Women would dress in white and dance and drink wine in the vineyards while men would mingle to choose a marriage partner. This is not about the fleeting superficial false love that Valentine’s Day promotes, but rather about true commitment and the ability to weather the storms of life.

There were no greater days for the Jewish people than Yom Kippur and Tu Ba’Av because it was on those days that the daughters of Jerusalem went out” [to find a spouse].(Babylonian Talmud, Ta’anit 26b)

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a life coach that is both self-actualized and enlightened, living authentically in happiness. Jennifer assists women to find joy and lasting happiness through Self Love. When you love yourself completely others are attracted to you like a magnet. Loving yourself unconditionally means you also love and accept others unconditionally. The more you love yourself, the more others love you and your life flows along beautifully. Coming into loving acceptance of self brings your life.

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