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Loving Myself Fearlessly

Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show

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Love Yourself Happy!
Beginning on Wednesday, July 31, join me for one hour of energy, healing and laughter. This POWER HOUR of Love Yourself Fearlessly is FREE! I channel The Ascended Masters and The Divine. You may even cry a bit, you may have a huge breakthrough or even get a block removed.

If you have never met or worked with me, you would not know that just asking me to work on you begins the process. The angels and guides I work with as well as The Divine begin the work immediately. People have told me that my voice has a healing quality to it. Don’t take my word for it, – feel for yourself. When you begin to work with me, my voice begins to work on your unconscious mind, and healing begins. Guidance flows to me at interesting times, like leaning back with my head in a shampoo bowl at the hairdresser, or during an intense coaching session with a client who is in the process of healing from breast cancer.

I trust my guidance implicitly as it has NEVER steered me wrong. Some of the issues I help my clients with are trust, self acceptance, confidence, manifesting money, success and most of all LOVE. Trust of themselves, so that they can go on to trust others. Trust of the guidance that they receive. Self acceptance comes from compassion for the imperfections, letting go of control and the bashing you do to yourself with that huge sledge hammer. I will help you lighten up, have more fun and open up to joy and happiness in each moment. You will get accustomed to thinking positive thoughts and living in the moment. Being in the present moment is the key to manifestation and happiness.

Being a Self Love coach and catalyst for other’s healing involves helping my clients love themselves at the deepest of levels for permanent happiness and joy. When you love yourself happiness becomes the status quo. Living a life LARGE and LOVING YOURSELF FEARLESSLY in the fullness of who you are, instead of the small self that so many of you have come to accept as who you are. I guarantee that if you work with me, your life will be so different – your perspective will change and you will begin to attract positive people and situations in along with your personal success. You become a magnet for love and MONEY as you come to love you for the REAL YOU that you have hidden under layers of dust, red clay, debris and parental parameters. Yet you are NOT that person. Those beliefs aren’t true. Join me weekly and get your dose of LOVE. On The Love YourSelf Fearlessly Show. 

Happiness? Yes, real lasting happiness comes from within. It does not come from the purchase of a new designer dress, or a trip to the Costa del Sol, or even Tuscany. It does not come from a new Mazerati, a home or a relationship. Those little boosts can bring you a burst of joy that is gone after the shine wears off your passport or at the first dent. What I am talking about is REAL HAPPINESS. The kind that begins in your belly and emanates out into everything you do, say and everyone you touch. Happiness is a choice, but it becomes permanent when you love and accept yourself with compassion. I am not teaching something I am faking, or yet to accomplish. I am the healed healer. I have been there (depression, sadness, illness, co-dependecy, addiction and divorce, you name it). I have mastered myself. This is what I help my clients achieve. It does not matter where you are, whether alone or in a relationship when you love yourself completely you are content no matter where, no matter what. This is the work I do in my intensives and one on one coaching session with my clients. 

The Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show was born today, at 8:45 AM Pacific time during a coaching session with one of my client’s who’s heart was recently set on fire. This could be you. This radio show is a phone in show where you get to ask your questions about yourself, your relationship and your happiness. Nothing is off limits. This is an adult only show, if sex is on the table we will ensure that our audience is over 18 before delving into that subject matter. 

The mission of The Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show is to help you through your challenges and get your questions answered. From spirituality, money, manifestation, relationships, self love and enlightenment. This is an opportunity for you to get to hear what Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is all about. See if you would like to work with me. Perhaps listening in on this radio show may lead to an epiphany for you, a realization of some truth that you have been overlooking. Core issues can be uncovered when there is a group consciousness that unearths questions that you may have wondered about but were too afraid to ask; which leads you to be brave about another question. It takes bravery to dig deep into your own issues. Self discovery can lead to some amazing finds – you may even find you are an amazing person with gifts that need to be taken out into the world. I can help you birth your new ideas, kick off the dirt and mud and help them grow from a tiny seedling into a strong Laurel tree with deep roots and fragrant leaves that reach out into the world.

This Love Yourself Fearlessly radio show, can be a catalyst that creates a chain reaction to things you never dreamed possible. You may have epiphanies – huge AHAA moments. You may decide to join me in Maui for my intensive in December or come to India or Bali with me in 2014. What I can assure you of is that your investment of time will not be wasted. Loving you makes you a magnet for love. You will gain knowledge of yourself, and compassion most of all which leads to greater love and acceptance of you. A waste of time? I think not.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, inspirational speaker, hypnotherapist, Master energy healer, channel and psychic medium. She is the former host of the radio show “Into The Mystic,”on Voice America. She has been gifted as a catalyst for people’s self mastery. Being in her energy will shift you, open your own gifts and lead you to expansion and greater clarity, success and happiness. If you have been struggling with love, relationships or money, listening to her show, working with her one-on-one or taking part in one of her incredible all day intensives will change your life for the better. What do you have to lose? You have everything to gain. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TUNE IN. 
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