Lying, Cheating Bastards!



Lying To Yourself, Let Me Count The Ways


“All men are liars! My company is full of liars! My girlfriend would rather lie than tell the truth! My boyfriend lies to me all the time!”

We like to think of ourselves as good people, above the fray. We watch television and see politicians lie under oath and murderers get off Scott free. Lying is the absence of the truth. People lie to protect others. Sometimes we don’t trust others with the truth and therefore lie to protect ourselves. Self-denial is when we lie to ourselves. Lying is a choice, but often becomes a way of life for humans and we don’t even realize it.

White lies are spoken daily. When someone asks,  “How are you?” Our response is rarely accurate. We couch our response in fluff and false positivity. We think nothing of responding, “Oh, every thing’s great!” When in reality your husband has lost his job, or you just discovered a cancerous lump in your breast, what’s the harm, right? WRONG! 

What’s Wrong With White Lies?

Making our morning coffee, we pour in the cream saying, “I’ll give up coffee tomorrow as soon as the cream is used up.” Or heaving ourselves off our comfy sofas at the end of the day, we lie about the shape our body is in. We “think” we are fit when we are not. When in actuality our fitness program is walking to and from our car and occasionally around the neighborhood mall. 

We think we are eating healthy when we eat GMO foods because they are cheaper. We drink soda and juice with high fructose corn syrup because it was on sale. We have excuse after excuse for doing what we do. Rationalizing our existence we lower our vibration and cast a cloak of inauthenticity around ourselves.
We think we are honest when we lie to ourselves on a daily basis. The Universal Law, “As within, so without, as above, so below,” teaches us that as long as we lie to ourselves, others will also lie to us. Our husband may cheat on us, as we cheat on our income taxes. Our children may lie to us about smoking pot, or having sex, while we lie to them about our indiscretions or feelings. 
Lying is Universal. Even when we think we are not lying we are. Looking around your household and refrigerator are you lying to yourself about your family’s health, eating habits, or loved one’s addiction? 
A woman I know lies to her teenage son about who she is. She pretends to be a good Christian, reading the bible, while at the same time being a practicing Wiccan. She lies to her best friend about her secret practice, yet wonders why the companies who hire her lie to her about their illegal practices. Yet they are a perfect vibrational match for each other. If you lie to yourself, you can bet someone else is lying to you. Being authentic and truthful with yourself is a start. 
Lies we tell regularly
  1. I’m fine.
  2. I’m not angry with you.
  3. The sex was great.
  4. Of course, I love you.
  5. I would never cheat on you.
  6. That dress doesn’t make you look fat.
  7. (The reason I was late)The traffic was bad. 
  8. Strippers don’t do anything for me.
  9. That didn’t mean anything to me.
  10. I’m listening.
  11. You’re fine.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, inspirational speaker, hypnotherapist, Master energy healer, channel and psychic medium. She is the former host of the radio show “Into The

Mystic,”on Voice America. She has been gifted as a catalyst for people’s self-mastery. 

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