Your Attitude Is Everything!

Your Attitude is Everything

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters on August 11, 2013

Loving myself Fearlessly! ! Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, Santa Barbara, California 

The further along this path of life I go the more I recognize that life is what you make it.  JEM

Is your glass half full? Or is it cascading over the top like mine?

Difficult challenges happen for us every day. Do you greet them with open arms recognizing that there is a gift in the challenge or do you feel that God has forsaken you and that nothing but crap continues to happen in your life?

As a channel and life coach I meet all kinds of people in various life challenges. The ones that take life by the scruff of the neck and wrestle it to the ground making it what they want are the ones that have the best success and are the happiest. People that dwell on the negative and complain about how crappy their life is magnify what they don’t have. Blaming others for the occurrences in your life creates a bottleneck of energy that stops the flow. Moving forward cannot happen when you are being a VICTIM. This perception won’t allow you to move forward and may cause you to consider ending it all, because there is nothing to live for. Remember this is YOUR PERCEPTION. It is not the truth. You are valuable. You have a purpose in the Divine Plan. No one else has your unique skills, gifts or heart. Your perception of your life is what colors and shades the truth. Choosing to wallow in self pity and complain will cause you more pain and suffering. There is hope. If I can do it, you can also.  Buy Jennifer’s autobiography: Odyssey Victim to Victory .

Those who are able to see the gift in each moment and recognize that we have a choice of how we perceive the events in our life have greater success, happiness and peace.

Wherever you focus your attention energy flows………

When we are not rocked by life’s events and take for example, a diagnosis of breast cancer as a gift, that show us there is more anger and resentment to let go of. Cancer just shows us there is more work to do. Anger and resentment are the leading cause of cancer. Learning to let go, forgive yourself and others is a big part of healing any cancer. People who have been molested are more than 50% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. Taking this higher road will create greater success and you will be 85% more likely to heal completely.  How we perceive the events in our life impacts our success, happiness and peace. I help people work through and release their anger, resentment perfectionism and control. (Control and perfectionism both help to create cancer.) This is difficult to do on your own. I did it, but it took me 25 years of study, deep introspection and healing by myself. I have created deep healing processes and work as a catalyst in your life to shift you quickly out of the paradigm of suffering, perfectionism, control and fear. How long do you want to continue to suffer? When is enough enough? Aren’t you ready for fun, fulfillment and laughter?

Many are still “faking it till they make it” in business and entrepreneurship, waiting for the stream of money to pour in. I’m here to tell you that until you love and accept yourself the way you are, completely that ain’t gonna happen honey!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters in Santa Barbara, California

Love will continue to allude you until you completely and compassionately accept yourself. If you are ready to move into a place of peace lasting happiness, love and joy, contact me. I am a powerful catalyst for your growth. Because I channel The Divine, we cut to the chase quickly. No monkeying around. While you talk, I receive direct guidance about what your core issues are. You have a choice of 8 weeks of phone sessions one hour a week with assignments that move you forward; or a one-day Intensive which is LIVE and in person with me in Santa Barbara or LA. Your choice. In 2014 I will be doing Intensives in Bali, and Australia. I am also leading A Spiritual Retreat and Tour of Magnificent Southern India in April, 2013.These 5 day Intensives allow you to move out of pain, victimhood and suffering into awareness, peace, harmony and joy and abundance. 

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I am a powerful Master Energy Healer, Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance, a hypnotherapist, (National Guild of Hypnotists)  channel, Mystic, and catalyst for your transformation and growth. I choose happiness joy and life affirming Grace, balance and harmony. In 2012 I became self actualized and enlightened. What does this mean to you? As an enlightened teacher channel and coach, I am free of ego. I receive direct guidance from The Divine about your core issues. I spent years in therapy which did not move me forward at all because it kept me wallowing in MY STORY! I have an innate ability to step out of the way. I see right into your core issues, move you quickly out of the story and false beliefs that you think are you, into the BIG empowered you. You will begin to be compassionate towards yourself instead of continue to beat yourself up. I have processes I use in my work that shift you and your perspective quickly. The more you love yourself fearlessly, the more you will magnetize all manner of good into your life including LOVE, harmony and tranquility in all your relationships. 
If you continue to have difficulties in your relationships and life, working with me can save you thousands of dollars. How many divorces have you had? How many failed relationships have you had? Are you prepared to live and Love Yourself Fearlessly? Contact Jennifer NOW! E-mail Right NOW!

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