The Gift of Cancer

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, On August 12, 2013

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters in Santa Barbara with Karma, 2013

My Bucket List

In loving every moment of life death holds no power. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

On July 31st, while taking a nap, I was taken along a tunnel of light.

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In that place of in between, what I call “twilight sleep,” neither deeply asleep nor completely awake, I floated along, not really walking. There were two beings with me, and I could sense more at the end of the tunnel awaiting me. I felt completely safe, without any feelings of anxiety or fear. As I continued to move along toward the end of the tunnel, I said to the beings behind me, “I am not afraid to die, but what about Ariel?” My daughter had lost her father July 5th, 2012. She was far too young at 17 to be without any parental support. Although Ariel is a confident, well-adjusted teenager, she has been through a lot. Losing the support of both parents in just over a year could devastate her and could be a huge setback in her life. I chose life. I knew my work here was not complete. I had more people to help, more people to be a catalyst for so that they could have love, happiness and live a stress and disease-free life. Within moments I was out of the tunnel and feeling groggy. It was  an interesting experience. One I will never forget.

I always CHOOSE LIFE! As a channel and medium, I receive Divine Guidance for clients while coaching, but also for my own life. Two months earlier, I had been given guidance while I was meditating to check my right breast for a lump. I immediately did so and found a large plum-sized lump. It seemed to be encapsulated and clicked when I moved it. Two years earlier I had been given guidance to get thermography as I had located a lump then as well. After the thermography I had a mammogram which turned up nothing. I knew that anger and resentment caused cancer. I knew that there was a co-relation between molestation and breast cancer. Women who have been molested have to forgive their perpetrators and those who did not protect them. It can be too heavy for many to do on their own. After thousands of processes and clearings on myself, I still had cancer. I recognized that this was a gift for me and my clients. The better that I understand why we get cancer, even after years of work, the better able I can help others. 

I had done considerable work and felt that I was fairly complete on that subject. You have probably heard me say, “The Universe is always and in every way working FOR YOU.” This could not be more true.  God and The Universe was about to show me I had more work to do.

My mother called and triggered a deep anger that surprised me – mid-July. After I told her how well I was doing, she went into a 20 minute diatribe about how I needed to manage my money. My mother historically had been extravagant. She had not worked most of her married life. Had it not been for my father’s penny pinching ways. She would not have the financial support she was living on currently. If you have read my book, my mother put me in harm’s way hundreds of times during my childhood and did nothing to protect me from molestation. The fact that I was being shown the correlation between molestation and breast cancer was interesting. 

After finding the lump, I recognized the incredible gift that it gave me. I did not go into fear. I found myself letting go and becoming more grounded and relaxed, sinking deeper into myself. I began to expand recognizing how many people I could help with my own story. It did not stifle my happiness, or inner peace. It helped me become so much bigger. I knew that the simple process of having chemo and surgery would not change anything. The cancer would come right back. I had to heal from within. More than I had done already. I looked within to see where I had more work to do. I knew that stress, worry, anger and resentment caused cancer. I was not stressed, worried or in fear. After the phone call from my mother, I knew where I needed to focus. I did an advanced release process I use with my Intensive coaching clients, that works very well for clearing anger, rage and resentment. Rather than doing this clearing once, I repeated the process a total of 18 times. I am letting this energy settle and will return to repeat this process 3 more times. For a total of 21 processes.

I will do everything in my power to heal this disease from my body. My plans are to visit John o God in Brazil for psychic surgery and then undergo whatever additional traditional healing and chemo required, if  required after that. In any event here is what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

What I Have Let Go Of:

  1. Judgment
  2. Anger
  3. Sadness
  4. Control
  5. Perfectionism
  6. Manipulation
  7. Coercion
  8. Lack
  9. Limitation
  10. Hatred
  11. Resentment
  12. Fear
  13. Worry
  14. Chaos
  15. Drama

What I Have Embraced

  1. Deep Faith
  2. Being Present in the Moment
  3. Happiness
  4. Deep connection with myself and profound self love
  5. Deep Inner Peace
  6. Harmony
  7. Tranquility
  8. Relationships
  9. Family
  10. Love


  1. Heal completely so that I am able to accomplish everything on this list.
  2. Take my daughter Ariel to India and Bali
  3. Have Christmas with all my children and their significant others together in either Maui, California or Aspen, Colorado.
  4. Coach as many people through my program as I can who desire to Love Themselves Fearlessly! 
  5. Facilitate My Adore Yourself and Be Adored retreat in Maui
  6. Take my whole family to Maui for a vacation.
  7. See Ariel graduate college and create her Wedding Planning and Catering company.
  8. Assist David, Ariel and Adam to set up and contribute to their businesses for their future (and my grandchildren’s).
  9. Facilitate Intensive Love Yourself Fearlessly retreats for small groups in Bali, and Australia
  10. Spend quality time with my mother. Take a trip with her.
  11. Finish writing my 2nd and 3rd books.
  12. Help other women heal from breast cancer using what I learn along the way and my own processes.
  13. Spend time alone with myself meditating in nature in all the most beautiful places on earth. 
  14. Travel for fun. I love to travel and find it exhilarating. It really does not matter where I go, but I have several places detailed below. This is important to me.
  15. Have a complete spa weekend for myself with every treatment imaginable in Santa Barbara.
  16. Be able to hire a chef for a week in Maui so that no one has to cook. (Family Vacation)
  17. Take a vacation in Tuscany for a month and eat whatever I want. Drink wine, eat pasta and have someone peel me a grape.
  18. Visit Fiji or Bora Bora. The Seychelles could also work.
  19. Have a partnership with a Spiritually evolved man who allows me freedom and supports me in my work.
  20. Tour New Zealand. Enjoy all the strange wildlife there.
  21. Spend time in Queensland Australia and visit the Outback.
  22. Return to England and show Ariel where we lived and all the quaint villages that she loves in “The Wedding Date.”
  23. Visit Ireland and tour the castles and sacred sites. Take my time and visit the best pubs and sample Irish beer. My father loved Ireland. Even though I lived in England I never got to Ireland.
  24. Visit the islands of Santorini and Tilos in Greece. I loved Mama Mia and have wanted to go to Greece even before that.
  25. Take a full week to getaway and attend a silent retreat. Either Omega, Easlen or a monastery. Ahh silence!
  26. Take dancing lessons. I want to be a good dancer and have fun learning.

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