By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters 

Peace Portal Meditation August 25th

It is a Scientific fact that prayers in unison have a positive impact on people, conflict, countries and wars. Join me this Sunday to meditate and send peace to all the places of conflict in the world. This includes Syria, Russia, Korea, Israel, Egypt, United States, Afghanistan, Kuwait and anywhere else that peace is needed.

The dates when there will be a very special astrological event where the planets align creating a Grand Sextile. (Grand Cross.) This is a huge opportunity to connect with Your Divine (GOD) in a deep and profound way. Your senses will be heightened during this time. Your vision will sharpen, your hearing will significantly improve. Each word that you speak during the next three days will have tremendous power.

The celestial event that is occurring this weekend will create a six pointed star. A large heavenly portal will open which will infuse the earth and all its inhabitants with Light. You will be able to consciously connect with The Divine. The video link above will give you the details of the meditation.
We have the tremendous opportunity to send love and prayers for healing our war torn planet. Our energies combined together will assist the breaking away of old systems that no longer serve us. This light coupled with masses of people meditating together has tremendous power to heal planet earth (GAIA). 

If you desire great change in the world, connect to the divine and allow your body to become filled with light so that we can dissolve all that stands in the way. This light energy holds peace, love, serenity, tranquility and understanding which will pass into the depths of the earth. Focus on feeling love, compassion, understanding, purity, truth, joy, confidence and bliss. 

Jennifer is an extraordinary transformational Self Love coach. Jennifer helps you find your way into love in all relationships, as well as shifting your perspective and catapulting your personal, spiritual and emotional growth. Through her processes you learn to fall in love with yourself, your family, your partner, your soul and your gifts. She has been told by her clients that just speaking to her shifts their energy. She is a catalyst for your evolution. 

Listen to her on The Love Doctor here on Blog Talk Radio talking about Twin Flames. What do you do if your Twin Flame is sleeping with someone else.

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