Surfing Home From Boulder

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Adam and David Gates, Ariel Resuta in Boulder, Colorado September 2, 2013

For the first time in two years my children and I were reunited. 

We have learned to live in the moment and follow our guidance. As an intuitive Self Love coach guidance comes to me easily after years of ignoring its existence. When I had my landscaping business in Georgia I received guidance about what tools to select from my barn. Certain tools would be highlighted with a halo or glow around them. I would argue with my guides about whether I needed these tools. I would not take them and found out the very tool that was highlighted and glowing, was the very thing I needed to complete the job. After months of finding myself wrong I began to listen. Scorpios are very stubborn. I was a slow learner. Everyone has access to their own guidance. Learning to trust ourselves is key. 

Grasping moments after they have passed is futile. As a result my family has learned to seize the moment and enjoy it instead. Living life with regret is no place to be. I choose to live without regret. I let the people I love know it and I enjoy being with them when I have the gift of their presence. Part of my enjoyment of life comes from food. I love to eat great food and Boulder, Colorado is a foodie’s paradise. My best memories are anchored by wonderful food shared with the ones I love.  From burritos at the top of Flagstaff mountain to Pie Tuesday at The Walnut cafe. It was all good. 
Pie Tuesday at The Walnut Cafe with David
As a mother we witness our children in pain, the best we can do is be there. Commenting is not needed. Letting our children know we love them no matter what they are going through is all we can do.
Dinner at the top of Flagstaff Mountain
Pie Tuesday at The Walnut Cafe, Boulder Co

As Ariel and I were packing our suitcases in 98 degree dry heat in the Mojave desert,I received guidance that we would be getting rain in Boulder. Had I bothered to ask for more details, I would have learned that it was to be of Biblical proportions. As we embarked on our 16 hour and 990 mile drive across 5 states, I also heard we would see a rainbow. That was all I needed to know. There was light at the end of the rain. Always contrast. The rain began in Arizona, usually a very dry state. Ariel was excited, she loved the rain.

As the pitter patter of rain fell upon our windshield, we were delighted in the contrast. After months of dry heat of the California desert and day after day of sunshine and blue skies, rain and dark clouds were a welcome respite.

It is funny how perspective changes. When I lived in England sunshine was a rare occurrence. Perspective is everything. Being able to stand back and look at what is really happening can be a tremendous gift. We just have to remember that we asked for it. Ariel prayed for rain. She got it in spades.

Normally, I would do readings at the Celebrations Fair in Denver. David informed us he was finally taking a vacation from his work in Georgia and visiting Boulder. David’s visit occurred the same weekend as the fair. My guidance was to see my private clients and take a pass on the fair. Since most of my work is done remotely, it is wonderful to work with clients in person when I have the opportunity to do so. Ariel had an appointment with The Denver School or Art on our first day in Colorado. We had packed quite a lot into our visit. Ariel selected The Art Institute of Colorado as her college and even knew that she wanted to study Culinary, Patisserie coursework.

Ariel had already had visions of her own coffee shop and Wedding catering business. Ariel is heart-centered and creative. A wedding catering business was perfect for her. She knew better than most of us what she was destined for. Photos and more news from CNN

Estes Park, Colorado

I found myself letting go of any pre-conceived notions of what our visit was to entail. David chose to forgo a visit to Estes Park, so Ariel and I went alone, while Adam and David re-connected with old friends in Denver. What we did was of little consequence.

Me looking very short

The fact that we were together without judgment and criticism made it wonderful. Ariel and I had fun no matter where we went. We always found something interesting to look at.

Men in kilts, Estes Park, Colorado

David and Adam were both experiencing huge upheaval in their personal lives. We were present with them without commentary or recommendations. It was their experience after all. If they asked for my assistance or guidance, I would give it, but they did not.

Boulder Library

Ariel and I had already experienced travel just ahead of blizzard conditions when we moved out of Boulder to California in October, 2012. We always listen to strong guidance and it serves us well. We were told we had to leave Colorado by Wednesday. When Leslie suggested we stay one more night, the guidance I received was adamant. We had to be on the road by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, September 11th.

Boulder Creek flooded

30 minutes out of Boulder we found the 40 mile short cut through Black Hawk was closed due to a rockslide. This was the first indication we had that we were leaving a very dangerous situation. We received a text from Leslie later than night saying the room we had been sleeping in was flooded and they were busy ripping out carpeting. Guidance never steers us wrong.

We drove through the Eisenhower tunnel and saw sunshine for the first time in 4 days. It was short-lived as we also experienced more pelting rain and hail in Utah. Then there was the rainbow, as promised.Fox News Report on the latest flooding in Boulder
Linking of heaven and earth through the promise of a rainbow

A rainbow is like a telephone line from the heavens to earth. It links  heaven and earth  together. It is the promise of a better tomorrow. A rainbow is the bridge between heaven and earth and is a remembrance of God’s promise to never again destroy all flesh through a flood.

Our thoughts and prayers for those that lost their lives and continue to be lost. There are those who continue to be without water, gas and electricity in Colorado. Many have been evacuated and some are still unaccounted for. This is a time for us to draw together and assist those in need. Offices, homes and streets are in shambles. May the angels assist those still lost and the families who are looking.

Photos of Boulder under water courtesy of Gomati Ishaya. Ascending to Oneness

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