Flashing Blue Lights and Papers Please!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It is no secret that I am not a fan of bureaucracy. I feel that there is enough double talk in the DMV to put them behind bars. The act of fingerprinting is unconstitutional.  Yet just try getting your license without a finger print. It won’t happen in this lifetime. Going to the DMV and other government offices make me break into a sweat. 

With two vehicles to insure and tag, after a move to California, it was not high on my priority list. As a matter of fact, I was so preoccupied getting my daughter into a charter school so she could graduate on time and getting my coaching and healing business up and running; my Colorado tag was the least of my concerns. That was until I got stopped at a red light for talking on my cell phone. The officer pulled me over and said, “You did know that talking on your cell phone was illegal, didn’t you?” I was afraid to say, “No officer, I was ignorant of the law.” Knowing full well that ignorance of the law is no excuse. I stared blankly at the officer while he informed me that my tag had expired. I truly had not even noticed. I had other fish to fry. I was grateful to be let go with a warning. That was back in January. My tag expired the previous October and I did not notice. I was in denial. 
I had never driven with an expired tag before. I had heard that California was very rigid with smog testing. My neighbor let me know that after 6 months my car could be impounded for 30 days. Which could ring up charges of over $1,200 or more in one month’s time. I had to make sure I was in stealth mode and protect my car every time I drove it. Every time I drove by a police car I prayed that they did not notice my expired tag and that the police office would be distracted by something. I was concerned my Honda might not pass the inspection. I was not sure I could afford the California insurance, tag and any additional mechanical work that might be required. I had two vehicles to tag, insure and license. Besides, I really did not want to let go of my Colorado tag. Crazy sounding as it was. I was partial to Colorado. We really left our hearts there. California was a means to an end. We knew I would grow my business in California. 
I began to take the back roads to my daughter’s school. Whenever I drove I put protection around my car. I asked the angels to make my car invisible to the police. We went into stealth mode daily. We drove for 8 months more without being stopped, ticketed or questioned. We were in stealth mode for 8 months.

There is no doubt that I am protected. God is there for me. My angels have to work overtime because I drive so much and tend to fall asleep at the wheel when I am tired. I have been pulled out of the grip of death more times than I care to count. The angels are always there for me. I ask Archangel Michael to be all around us whenever we go on a long road trip. Which is quite often. I am a bit of a gypsy seeing clients in other cities, I prefer to drive when I can. No moss grows under my feet. Just in 2013 we have traveled to San Francisco, Santa Barbara (5 times), Coronado (twice), Los Angeles (7 times), Santa Clarita (7 times) and back and made two 1800 mile round trips to Boulder from our home in the Mojave desert in California.

The really crazy thing, is that when I finally went to get my tag last week, after the three hour wait and additional trip to the library to get information about Honda’s lien number and mailing address the thing I sweat over was no big deal!

What do I mean? I was concerned that the tag was going to cost me $600 or more with fines. I was under the impression that I would be required to get insurance in California – which I had checked out and was double that of Colorado. I thought it would not pass the smog inspection. I was afraid that the lien holder’s number not being on the form would mean I could not get my tag. We were leaving for Colorado the next day. I was running out of time. I knew I would not get away with an expired Colorado tag IN COLORADO. I had to complete the process before we left, or we could not go. All of these issues could be explained away, but my underlying dread of government agencies prevailed. I knew it had to do with a past life. Past lives and energy clearings are a way of life for me. It is part of what I do for a living. 90% of most people’s issues here on earth have to do with patterns and beliefs created in past lives. These past life patterns can create havoc in this lifetime if not cleared. Energy clearings are one of the most exciting things that I do. In one hour I have seen depressed and addicted people overcome addictions. I have seen and witnessed amazing illnesses cured. Aches and pains that people have had for years are cleared in one session. Yet here was I facing the DMV with trepidation. It was unfounded in this lifetime. I have never been arrested. Although my kids think I am a terrible driver (I don’t but that is there opinion!) I have never had a big accident. Even when I used to drive my pick up truck in Georgia with the trailer attached weaving all over the road with lawn mowers and equipment sliding all over the place, I did not have an accident. Speed was what I used to do. However, since I have become enlightened, speed is not as important to me. I have begun to drive sedately, like I have all the time in the world! 

The past life event was overshadowing the reality of life. It was creating fear where there was no reason to be afraid.
Carlsbad camping in May, 2013

The truth of the matter is this: the very things I worried about did not materialize. I was able to get the tag without insurance in California. I was able to get my smog certificate without any mechanical issues. I was able to get my tag without the lien holder’s number – even though it clearly states and is required on the forms. Every thing that I was concerned about proved false. Even the amount of the tag was less than half of what I had thought it would be.

The definition of FEAR is “False expectations appearing real.” I teach this. I live my life fearlessly. Yet, the old pattern of being shot for not having my papers in order from a past life continued to recur. Yes, I had a past life in Russia, as a man, where I went through a check point. I did not have my papers in order and was shot on the spot. This death and shock to my soul has remained with me to this day. Note to self: clear past life in Russia where you were shot for not having papers in order…….  really soon!

Jennifer is a gifted medium, intuitive Self Love coach and Master Energy healer. Her coaching is like no other. Energy clearings can help to move you through stuck emotions or past life issues very quickly. Even issues within relationships can be cleared through an energy clearing. Her guidance comes from The Divine. She is a catalyst for spontaneous healing and Grace. Working with Jennifer is life changing. She walks the walk as a self actualized and enlightened healer. She uses her own experience to help you heal yours. Her direct experience helps other shift quickly getting to the root of your issues like magic. If you are wanting to be happy with you, your life and your relationship, isn’t it time you connected to Jennifer? 

Her ability to guide teach with deep inner wisdom is uncanny. Her tool box is filled with modalities that she combines to create an ease for your experience. She takes the fear out of healing and helps you walk through the door to create bliss in your life. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t possibly truly love another. Self Love is the greatest of all mastery. Plato

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