With Love From God

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

After a trip to Bali in 2011, I began to stream consciousness from The Universe. The way this occurs for me is like a conversation. I ask a question and the answer is given. I have been intuitive since I was a child. After years of study, meditation, personal searching, healing and spiritual work I experience internal peace, serenity, joy and bliss. 


I became enlightened in 2012. As a channel and mystic, I receive information in Akashic Record readings or psychic readings for clients. Sometimes the information comes from The Ascended Masters; often I am joined by St. Germaine or Archangel Michael. Other times it is my Guides or my client’s Guides. On occasion, the BIG GUY gives me cryptic messages to get my attention. Some of these messages have caused me to move or travel across the country. 


Yesterday, while I sat waiting for a meeting in the front seat of my car, the warmth of a fall afternoon began to take hold. I had been working long hours writing and developing a group coaching program about my favorite subject, Self Love. I started to doze off. My dog, Karma was doing the same in the back seat of the car. As I began to fall asleep, a stream of consciousness came through. I was compelled to pick up my pen and notebook I always carry with me. The love letter below is exactly what came through:


A note from God:

Dearest Loved One,

I adore you. Yes, I adore you. As hard as that may be to believe, I absolutely adore you.

I adore you,  no matter what. I adore you if you haven’t showered, or shaved. I adore you whether you have lost your job, or spent every last cent, or didn’t pay your water bill. I adore you.

I accept you. I accept you as you are. It does not matter to me if you are a landscaper, a chimney sweep, student, attorney, nurse, school teacher or priest. I accept you.I accept you as you are without attempting to cajole, manipulate, ostracize or condemn. For none of those things are elements of love.

I love you. I love you no matter what. Even if you miss a deadline, bus, or strategic plan goal. I love you.

I love you when you are happy, sad, depressed, angry and crying. I love you no matter how you feel.

I love you when you are stuck and writhing in pain, not understanding how to surrender and heal. I love you when you are not.

I love you even if you have not done the dishes, laundry or shopping. I love you when you are kind to animals, pet your cat, or dog, hug a loved one or hold your baby to breastfeed.

I am pleased with you when you pick yourself up and begin a brand new day, even when you are down and discouraged. 

I am pleased with you when you help your neighbor, a teenager, an old lady or rescue a dog.

I am pleased with you if you pick up your trash, smile at another and recognize the love in the eyes of a complete stranger. 

I am joyful when you get it – when you love me with an open heart, teach others your wisdom and surrender your will.I am joyful when you are joyful and love it when you take the time to commune with nature and appreciate all of my creatures.

I am with you during the darkest night of your soul. I am with you in sickness and death. I am with you in lack and poverty. I never ever leave you.

I hear you when you shout my name, no matter what language it is. I see you when you cry. I hear you when you call my name.

I will never leave you. I have never left you.

I love you without expectation. I love you without attachment. I love you without control. I love you without reservation, no matter what you do, say or feel.

I enjoy it when you meditate, sing or play music. I enjoy it when you laugh out loud. 

I am with you for every part of your journey. I am with you when life is easy for you. I am with you during your challenges, the mountain climbing, flooding and the rock slides. 

I watch you when you feel weak.
I wait patiently for you to join me.I long for you to let go of your pain and suffering.I am with you always and forever.

In love,


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2 thoughts on “With Love From God

  1. jyodak says:

    Lovely Jennifer, and God! Thank you for reminding me of this. I have been challenged lately, and sometimes I remember this better than other times. I AM a beloved Son of God! Thank you!

  2. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters says:

    THank you for your kind reply. Hearing back from you has given me the courage to continue to write what I receive. When I know it is helping people I am encouraged.

    I will do my best to write information that will help you and others. I appreciate you sharing your challenges. If there is anything I can do or write that would help you let me know.

    Many BLessings to you,

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