Making Your Dreams Come True

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Manifesting Dreams into reality is all the rage. Who is successful at it and who isn’t? I know that when I think a thought I create immediately. Especially when it is a negative thought. It only needs to be a mere shadow and it is quickly manifested into my reality. I know that things are moving so much faster than they used to. If I even hint at something negative almost before the thought leaves my mind there it is in reality. If I think a client might be a problem they are instantaneously. My thoughts are pretty clean and clear, yet, I still think negative thoughts from time to time. Not that I try to. I am a positive person. I usually catch them as they are broadcasting out into The Universe. They just happen. 

We know that energy is everywhere and in every thing, whether living or inanimate. The faster something vibrates, the higher the energy. The slower something vibrates the lower the energy. Feelings and emotions help us to navigate energy by letting us know we feel low, if we are depressed or high when we are doing the happy dance for some reason, or joy filled. Emotions are the physical gauge for how we are vibrating, even if we are not consciously aware. We attract our vibrational match if we are sad or depressed or addicted. We attract our vibrational match if we are highly evolved and enlightened. Like attracts like. 
There are many different ways that we can raise our vibrational rate. Meditating is one of the fastest ways to increase our vibration. It connects us to Source energy. It puts us in the Divine Flow. There are other ways to get to the same place, however. Many people have difficulty getting their mind quiet. So how can we get beyond the limiting beliefs of our past? Move into a higher vibrational state. Connect with Source energy. Meditate. Sing, dance, do activities that make you FEEL GOOD. Whether it is gardening, dancing, riding a bike or walking your dog. We all have activities that make us feel better than others. 
For instance, I would rather chew my arm off than clean my conventional oven. Cleaning my oven definitely lowers my vibration. I would probably attract another person who hates to clean their oven! There are ways to get around that, thank God for tinfoil! 
If being happy, joyous and blissful is a higher state than feeling shame, how then can we pick ourselves up when we are in a very low vibrational state? Even anger vibrates higher than guilt, shame and fear. Choosing anger over fear will raise our vibration. Getting angry will move you out of fear. Instead of being in fear, get angry at it. 
Wayne Dyer thinks that being angry is a bad thing and claims he never gets angry. Well good for Wayne! He must be a flipping Saint. I don’t get angry often, but I have to admit that after I have asked my teenage daughter the 6th time to vacuum her crumbs and debris off the living room carpet, and she continues to sit on the couch, I get angry. It seems that me getting angry is the only way to motivate her to move off the couch. Sometimes we have to move our emotions to clear stagnant chi and energy from our cellular memory. Shouting definitely does that for me. I am calm most of the time, but Mt. Vesuvius does erupt from time to time and I feel better for the release.
Sex of course is another way to move emotions and debris. As is crying. I love that I mentioned sex and crying in the same sentence, it is certainly going to get some one’s attention.
Tonight I completed the second in a series of free webinars. I gifted the attendees with a workshop, free energy clearing, taught the attendees how to manifest quickly and effectively and then gave them a manifestation of both a miracle and their dream. Holy cow, maybe I’ll be joining Wayne in that Sainthood!.
Here is the link. I hope you enjoy it. I have to say it was my best work yet. The Divine has really gotten me on a roll.

There is one more webinar left in this series of three, tomorrow night is all about LOVE. How to attract your Twin Flame. How to draw love to you. Here is the information. The web link is listen only mode and does not allow you to ask questions. 

Title: Drawing Love To YouTime: Wednesday, October 2nd at 6:00pm PacificListening method: Phone + Web SimulcastTo attend, visit: Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 206210#


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