Voices From The Beyond

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Most people don’t recognize the power of their thoughts.

They use closed ended statements and then wonder why they are creating negativity in their lives. The fastest way to manifest is to make a statement of what is. For instance, “I know this will be hard.” “I can’t accomplish this.” Or, “I don’t have money.” I was recently at a psychic fair where I had a booth. I was predominantly there to network among the throngs of other healers who were displaying their wares and services. I approached a healer I had never met and he told me something personal about his family. The next sentence out of his mouth was, “This is going to be hard.” 
As a healer one of the things we know is that what you say is what you will get. Of course he will manifest a difficult situation because The Universe will rush in to make his statement true. Did you know that The Universe is constantly working for you in every way? Whatever you state the Universe will do everything possible to make you right. This is why I teach using questions instead of statements. Instead of stating something that will create a difficult situation for you, use a question instead. For instance, “How can this get any better?” The Universe must then rush in and see how it can make things better for you in this situation. Your guides will not give you all the information available as giving you all the information can short-circuit your growth.
Other ways to use questions that I recommend:
How beneficial will ___________ be for me? I like to ask for percentages. Then I wait to hear what number I get back when my guides and teachers, or God answers. I ask for guidance when I am selecting the titles of my posts. How beneficial would it be for me to call this post, “How Can This Get Any Better?” Answer: “50% not great.” Okay, how beneficial would it be for me to call this post, “Voices From Beyond.” “Better, 90%” was my answer. Needless to say I changed the title of this post to what it now reads. Headlines are important. I listened. If you are going to ask for guidance, you had better listen and use the guidance. Don’t ask a question and then not do as they suggest. You will be sorry.
I have found that guidance comes at a price. Pay attention and be rewarded. Ignore it and fall on your face in the dirt – many times! After years of ignoring Divine Guidance from the Heavens I learned that it is never ever wrong. The angels, our guides and God will never lie to us. After being married to two men who had affairs and lied, that was a difficult lesson for me to learn. I thought all men lied. Not all men do, just the ones I used to attract.  I had to learn to trust myself and the guidance I received. Trusting ourselves and following the guidance is paramount. When you follow it all the time, your life becomes easier. You don’t have to figure everything out. The Universe is there to help you, letting go and letting God…….  means that you allow God to guide you. No one knows better than God what is best for you, not even you.
While I was at the same fair I mentioned earlier, a little boy of 7 had questions about God. He told his mother that God spoke to him and told him to behave for his mother and not to tease his older brother. We talked a little while about God. I asked him if he sure it was God. He assured me it was. He said he saw God in the clouds on a horse. I understand this assumption. No one knows the energy of God better than a child of 7. Up until this age they are still connected to heaven, still hear God’s voice and communicate with their angels. Their connection with the heavens is very strong. His mother asked me questions about God and how I knew when God was speaking. 
For me, when God speaks it is a firm voice. Urgent. Something I know I need to listen to. Strong, deep and resonant. Almost like that of a loving parent. The typical messages I receive from God are cryptic, bold and strong. For example, the day my daughter and I were about to drive to visit my dear friend Diana Davis, sadly now deceased. God told me to move my pick up truck and trailer. I had a landscape business in Georgia and depended on both of these vehicles for my lively hood. Should anything happen to either of them, my ability to support myself would be gone. I listened and moved both of them immediately. I looked up at the 100 year old oak trees and asked would this be okay? God responded, “We can work with this.”
When we returned 24 hours later we found three huge 100-year old oak trees had landed on our house, and landed inches from my truck and trailer. Neither was harmed. The house however was another story. The trees hit the house so hard that our Weimaraner had jumped through the window and was waiting our return on the front porch. Our neighbor who was pet sitting had warned me about her escape. 

When God speaks it is like the old commercial, “When E.F. Hutton talks, everyone listens.” God is the heavenly version of E.F. Hutton. You had better listen! Messages from my guides differ in that they are lighter, less serious. My guides, angels and The Ascended Masters are all very different from one another. With any heavenly guidance though there is always the feeling in my body of truth. There is no doubt where these messages come from. They feel true, warm in my body and comforting. My guides have a tendency to speak in a conversational tone, often with humor. It is with their humor that I have begun to really let my hair down and enjoy laughing at myself as well. They are always looking for ways to improve what I do and make life easier. Out biggest issue as humans is to have the ability to let go of the steering wheel so that they can help us with our direction. Loaded with insecurities, letting go can be scary. It takes time to learn to trust and recognize that they are always and in every way conspiring for us.

Do you deny the truth? Do you lie to yourself?

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