They’re Here!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As a psychic, medium and energy healer I have met and spoken with spirits of departed loved ones, including my own ex-husband,  two dear friends and the spirit of my father. 


I have done readings for hundreds of others to put them in touch with their departed family members. A large part of my professional expertise lies in removing dark energies, negativity and attached spirits from the living. Call it exorcism, or entity releasement, it is all the same. People walk through houses, museums, stores and even the desert and pick up spirits of those who have not made it to the other side. 

Hotel Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado famous for its hauntings

Spirits can be tied to houses, people, places and things. After their death spirits can attach to a loved one, thinking that they are helping them. People become attached to their homes that they have lived in for their entire lifetime, or places of employment. Because of their love for people, homes and property they often choose to stay here on the earth plane instead of moving on after their death. This can occur if their death was untimely, or that their loved ones need them. Sometimes spirits are afraid of where they will end up, because of their actions during their lifetime. They are afraid they will end up in hell and choose to stay where they know and feel comfortable.


Some people are obsessed with their luxurious belongings, like a beautiful statue that they once owned. Rather than leave it behind and cross to the other side their spirit attaches to the statue upon their death. A sudden death can cause a spirit to feel confused and lost. They continue to return to the places that they felt at home, or comfortable and miss the opportunity to cross over. 


Just yesterday I was asked to do a clearing for someone who visited a large auction house in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent 15 minutes standing talking to the owner of Red Baron’s auction house in front of the statue of Psyche and Venus. The statue was worth $300,000 and had been owned by someone now deceased. He had gotten attachments on him from the statue. 

“L’Amour et Psyche,” (Cupid & Psyche)

Jennifer Love Hewitt stared in the show, Ghost Whisperer where she had the ability to see spirits and helped them go into the light. As strange as this may seem,  this show is based on truth. Spirits often get stuck here and need assistance as their window to go to the light has closed. I have had to assist many to cross over after waiting too long to leave. One was my daughter’s father, my ex-husband Rich Resuta. I had predicted his death in May, 2012.

Ariel and her father, Rich Resuta, Boulder, Colorado


He died very suddenly at the age of 52. He was very attached to our daughter and felt she needed him. I helped him cross on his birthday a year after his death. The night of his death he visited me to tell me he did not have a heart attack, “A door simply opened and I walked through, there was no pain, heart attack or fear.” Every day for a year, he visited us and knocked on my daughter’s or my office closet door to let us know he was here. He also commented to me and made suggestions to do with our daughter shortly after he died.




I was recently asked to do a reading for a client whose best friend was shot to death by police in San Francisco. I found that his spirit had gotten stuck here. He had not crossed over. He was addicted to crystal meth and had been incarcerated several times for robbery. He knew he did not want to return to jail and seemed to draw the police fire to him intentionally. Sadly his death left his friend bereft and also hooked on crystal meth. She hired me to assist her friend to cross over, which I did successfully. 30 days after I sent him into the light her addiction to crystal meth was gone. She had tried everything to kick her habit. Nothing worked until I cleared her friend’s spirit from her.

Addictions in the living, that show up after a loved one’s death can be linked to a loved one’s addiction.

Lately, I have been inundated with people whose teens have entities. The parents know something is terribly wrong, but can’t put their finger on the cause. Suicides in teenagers are on the rise. Entities are the biggest cause of teen suicide. Smoking pot, taking street drugs opens holes in the auric field and allows the dark in. Drugs are not the only cause, however. Some younger children are picked on and bullied in school restrooms. The trauma of these events causes tremendous fear. The fear creates an opening and attracts the entity to the child. After taking their children to medical doctors and shaman, nothing worked, till they found me.


These kids have become depressed, can’t sleep at night, have nightmares and tremendous fears that have come out of nowhere. Some have intense stomach issues and other illnesses that are unexplained. There are many different ways that people experience an attached spirit. Below are some signs you have an attachment. Everyone is different, you may have one symptom, but not another, or you might present with all of them.


Signs You Have An Attachment


  1. You become angry for no apparent reason.
  2. You are in fear.
  3. The back of your neck feels strange like there is something there. Some have a tingling sensation.
  4. You have thoughts you would not normally have – of hurting yourself or others.
  5. You wake up at night and can’t sleep
  6. You hear sounds in your home, like a knock on the wall, picture or closet door and no one is there
  7. You hear voices that aren’t yours
  8. You have become increasingly negative which is atypical for you
  9. Friends and loved ones begin to avoid you and you don’t know why
  10. You may have a slew of legal issues, a spiral of bad luck, or accidents and health issues.
  11. If you feel suicidal or called to hurt another, you probably have an entity attached to you.

People find me in mysterious ways. I was at a hospital in Tehachapi, California recently when Eric Scarlett was inexplicably drawn to me like a magnet. You may have heard of him from Monster Garage or the television show Big. He kept on looking at me in the waiting room and ended up walking over to talk with me. He said I was lit up like a Christmas tree and he felt he needed to talk to me. He had serious anger issues, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from his time serving our country. I cleared him for entities because of the spiral of seriously bad luck he had had. Eric Scarlett’s Bio.


Eric Scarlett was being charged for a crime he did not commit, while he was home enjoying New Year’s Eve with his wife and friends. I listened to his story first and checked inside to see if what he was telling me was true. I trust my guidance and I was guided to do his clearing without hesitation. I cleared him before the court case and all the charges were dropped. He could not explain all the chaos that had been following him, nor could he remember when it all began. All he knows is that after the clearing he felt better, lighter and positive things began to happen for both he and his wife.



Fear invites entities in. Fear is a magnet for the negative and the dark. Fear is what gives them power. Love is what repels them. Love is a magnet for the positive and the light. You don’t have to be a priest to get rid of negative entities. We have been trained by society to give our power over to others. This makes us easier to control. Fear is everywhere. It is in the media, on the Internet even in commercials. When we don’t recognize our own power.

What does it mean when something is attached?

Entities need food. Their food is fear. They don’t eat fear, they absorb it. Fear is a powerful energy source for these beings. Entities are disembodied spirits. In other words, they have died, no longer have a body and are in spirit form. They need the energy to survive here. Our fear is what fuels them. They are invited in when we are in fear. Our aura protects us to a point. However, if you have been ill, in fear for a long time, worry or are negative, angry or abusive, you have holes in your field. These holes make our aura (energy field that surrounds every living and non-living thing) like Swiss cheese. Entities can be attached at the back of your neck, or inside your body. Often they are inside the intestines. When I do a clearing for someone of entities, they often have diarrhea and stomach cramping as the entity exists. It can feel like food poisoning.

Is it Real?

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Albert Einstein

Amityville house


Why do people attract these things?

People who are in a vulnerable state, and watch a lot of scary shows attract spirits. Pharmaceutical prescriptions, smoking pot, drinking alcohol are all ways that we create openings in our protective auric field that invite entities in. We all have the power to repel these beings. Watching television lowers your vibration and can leave your auric field open. Violent shows and movies can also tear your auric field. It is our belief that we are powerless to repel these things. Fear will give a spirit power. They feed on our fear and anger. The more angry and fearful we get, the stronger they get. You have to LOVE them. They will leave if you love them.

From the clients that have sought me out, I have heard accounts of a string of what some would call it horrible luck. One couple had had three accidents, lost their jobs, had two robberies, and lost all their friends in a matter of months.  

How does it manifest?

The energy is intrusive and manifests in a way that is disruptive in the host’s life. 
Feeling suicidal is a sign that you have an entity attached to you. Anger, swearing and tremendous fear are also symptoms of attached energies. Many of the people we know who have overdosed had entities attached. Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, rapper Kris Kros had entities attached which caused their deaths. People who murder others have attachments. People are innately good. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a Master Energy healer, hypnotherapist, certified life, relationship, and love coach. She is a medium, channel and psychic in private practice. She can be reached via email at 

Praise For Jennifer 

Jennifer is one of the kindest souls I ever met, a joy and light to work with. She is very accurate and professional in her work. Daniela Courvoisier
Dear Jennifer, I waited few days to make sure the feeling stays..have to tell you: I had a pain on my left chest for the last 8 months. we couldnt find any explanation except stress and bad emotions. the morning I got your email the pain was gone and today its still the same. I use acupuncture for a long time so it may helped also but still the timing is really amazing! Thank you for the cleaning and for the good words. all the best- Hagit



Highly recommended 🙂 Great experience!! I feel really good, Jennifer was very professional and helped me quickly.Shannon Wilkins
Thank you! I feel so much better. Today, something good happened to me, something that I wanted to happen last week but for some reason, it just wont happen. It seems like there was something blocking it. But today, it happened and I feel so great and positive. I hope the next days will be good too. Edward Nadir
Thanks Jennifer, you are the Best! I could feel the clearing before you delivered the final product. Many thanks again! Peter C.
Wow, Jennifer’s clearing is amazing. She provided a detailed report about what she cleared & I understand completely. She has an extraordinary ability & insight into the soul. She is, without question, a genuine loving spirit. I highly recommend her clearings. You will not be disappointed! Brittany T.
Jennifer helped me make a MIRACLE HAPPEN! I am living proof of this – I got hired on the day of my interview, which was also the day of my birthday! This was exactly what I asked for & the Universe delivered pronto, haha! THANK YOU JENNIFER, you are my blessing…! I send you ALL LOVE & LIGHT! Brittany T.
Hi Jennifer – This reading was the perfect remedy for my uneasy mind. It brought me peace and a comfortable plan of action. Its easy to just look at the negative, but you are right, he was a gift to me. Your statement of truth: “If you aren’t happy, then he can’t be either”, this keeps running through my mind and is assisting me with this process. Thank you for reminding me too, that relationships are mirrors. I know this intellectually, but I’ve got some emotional digging to do here. 
Every word in your reading/coaching has helped me. This is perfect timing and exactly what I needed.
Thank you so much, you are truly a gift.
Miss Jennifer Elizabeth Masters..! YOU are an angel on the physical realms of this Earth! I’m so thankful for all that you have done! Bless your kind soul:) YOU are a BLESSING!
Many blessings to you because you and your services are a gift straight from Source. Thank you so much for the love you put into your work because I can feel it. I was very blocked before and knew it, I just didn’t know how to clear myself (my biggest blocks were fear and limitation). Thank you for healing me and helping me on my spiritual journey because I know I’m aligned for greatness. I will definitely come back to you when I need the assistance. With so much love, namaste. Tiffany uDong
Aww, I cried because I knew what you were saying was absolute TRUTH. Thank you for not only telling me the truth (as hard as it is to hear and admit), but actually saying it in a kind and loving manner. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Sincerely, Emily

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