Accessing The Peace Within

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life is so much more peaceful when we have harmony within. 

When you are feeling stuck, angry or stressed, there is a way to shift how you feel, quickly. It only takes a few minutes each day. All we need is a little stillness and quiet. Without the noise of the television, or cell phone ringing, we can go deep within. This place of endless spaciousness is a deliciousness that cannot be replicated anywhere. This beauty and quiet stills your soul, quiets the mind, and feeds your soul. It brings such an expanded feeling that shifts your perspective and fills that empty feeling with a warmth and glow that will change you.
If there is chaos in our outer world, you will feel chaos inside. Doing things the way you have always will keep you stuck. Try something different. Get beyond the excuses that you don’t have time, or you can’t sit still. These excuses come from the ego mind that will defeat you if you let it. Instead get beyond the stuck limited place and try something different. No one had more mind chatter or negativity than me, before I woke up. I have a couple of tricks for quieting the mind. I promise you if you can sit in quiet for just 10 minutes and breathe slowly you will shift your mood and feel more positive. I have been angry, upset or down and have changed the way I felt about even the most difficult situations with 10 minutes of stillness. I struggled with quieting my mind when I began to meditate. I will share with you what has worked for me. 
When your mind is active, it can seem difficult to stop the chatter. The more we focus on stopping our thoughts the more thoughts that come. Start with baby steps. This is an opportunity to be kind to yourself, rather than to beat yourself up for non-performance. No beatings allowed! I recommend that you meditate sitting up, as the idea is to stay awake and be present, rather than to fall asleep. I use a method to get into your heart chakra taught by my Ascension teachers, Gomati and Vasestha Ishaya. They are wonderful teachers I highly recommend. I have provided the link to their site here

3 Steps To Be Present:
  1. Stop and breathe. Inhale slowly. 
  2. Relax your shoulders.
  3. Smile to your heart and exhale completely.

Meditation Made Easy:

  1. Sit upright in a quiet place on a chair, floor or bed. Make sure you are supported with pillows and are comfortable.
  2. Turn off the television, cell phone and shut your animals outside your room. These distractions can cause you to give up before you even begin.
  3. Take a deep breath in. Inhale completely filling your lungs.
  4. Exhale slowly and completely.
  5. Focus on your breath as you inhale slowly.
  6. You will notice that you become relaxed as you begin to focus on your breath.
  7. Notice where your shoulders are. Relax your shoulders more.
  8. As you continue breathing in deeply and exhale slowly your body will continue to relax and you will notice you are being PRESENT.
  9. I use a simple method to calm the mind: keeping your head steady, look up to the ceiling with your eyes. Do not raise your head, just your eyes. Do this for a few minutes and then continue to breathe.
  10. If a thought comes up as you continue to breathe, just allow it to float by, do not attempt to control it or make it stop. It is just a thought. 
  11. Beginning with your toes notice aliveness in your feet and toes. Just put your attention on your feet for a few minutes.
  12. Now put your attention on your ankles and calves, notice the aliveness there. Can you feel the blood pulsing through your legs?
  13. Move your attention to your knees and feel the aliveness in your knees. 
  14. Move your attention into your hips. Feel the aliveness in your hips.
  15. Move your attention into your solar plexus, just below the diaphragm. Feel the aliveness there.
  16. Now move your focus and attention to your heart chakra – the space between your breasts. You always want to be in your heart center, rather than your mind when you meditate. This will help you to go deep within and also calms the chatter.
  17. Use this meditation video below to help you. The Divine Presence Process Meditation will fill you to overflowing, allow you to connect deeply with your Spiritual Self as well as The cosmos, Source or God energy. This is what I used every day which helped me to awaken in 2012.

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