What Happens When You DIE?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My personal experience with the tunnel of light and crossing to the other side has shown me that there is nothing to fear in death. 

I recently was taken down the tunnel of light. I was in the middle of healing breast cancer through a John of God healing and my own inner work. One afternoon, I became so fatigued that I could barely stand up. It was uncharacteristic to take a nap in the middle of the day. I had no choice and went to bed. Once in bed I fell asleep and went into what felt like a sort of sleep-coma. I was in a dark dark place. After what seemed like minutes I began to wake up. Two hours had passed. In that place of in between, neither awake nor completely asleep I was taken down the tunnel of light. I had no fear. I went along willingly, till I realized where I was going was permanent. I could not leave my daughter behind. She was 17, on track to graduate and have a great life, attend college and open her own coffee shop and bakery in Colorado upon the completion of college. Her father had just passed away. She could not take another death and finish high school on time. I asked the beings taking me, “What about Ariel??!!” I knew I had to go back into my body. Within moments I was awake wondering why this happened as it did. I knew I needed to heal the cancer in my body and stay here for my daughter. I had no fear of death whatsoever. The tunnel of light was filled with joy, wonder and peace. I recognized the feeling as a deep connection to God energy.

As an empathic medium, I have been shown by many spirits on the other side what they experience upon their death. Each soul’s experience is different. I have experienced their sadness, disappointment in themselves and the aha moments when they GET IT! Once our body dies and we go to heaven, we are given time to adjust, rest and of course visit our loved ones on earth. Each one of us will experience our life’s review. The purpose of this review is to experience what was learned and what was not. Whatever we did not learn during our lifetime is taken with us to the other side. Conversely, whatever we do learn is part of our soul experience as well. We are shown what we accomplished during our lifetime and what we did not.

Our Soul’s Purpose

Everyone has a purpose on earth. Our soul’s purpose is to grow and evolve. We are not here just to go through the motions of living. We are also here to serve others. We all have different ways of serving. Mine is to help people grow and evolve. I teach what I have learned through my own healing. Everyone struggles with issues of self love. We are here to love ourselves and others completely.  Once our body dies, the money we made, the things we acquired mean nothing. The only thing that matters is our relationships with ourselves and others. 
Archangel Michael

During Our Heavenly Review

We experience the suffering that we caused our loved ones. We also experience the joy we created. We are lovingly shown the lessons we did not learn. There are levels of consciousness in heaven, as there are levels of consciousness here. If we used our life wisely and focused on our soul’s growth and spiritual enlightenment, we are given a higher place in heaven. If we were kind, loving and giving here on earth, we are given a higher place on the other side.

When my ex-husband died, he experienced emotional pain in the knowledge that he had hurt his daughter. He shared with me after his death how he felt he had let us both down. In his life review, he was shown that while on earth he thought that he knew what was best for her. Yet he did not respect her own wisdom. He thought since he was her parent, he knew better. When friends bullied her, he took their side instead of hers. He had to experience the betrayal she felt. Instead of recognizing her own inner wisdom, he controlled her, thinking he was protecting her. He was abusive to those he loved. He had to look at all the pain and suffering he caused others. He had feelings of superiority and did not learn compassion for others. Sympathy was not an emotion he was able to experience. He felt sympathy was a weakness and never apologized for anything he ever did. He saw how his thoughts about what was right were misguided. He knew he did not learn how to control his anger. 
On the flip side, he also saw how he had mentored my sons about fitness and running. His focus was on running and fitness and self discipline. He taught them how to run long distance. He was good with his hands and able to build almost anything. He passed this onto my son David. 

Forgiveness, Anger and Resentment

When people die with cancer, they are shown how their own resentment, unforgiveness and anger ate them up inside. Complaining, resentment and unforgiveness on earth creates disease in our bodies. If this is not healed here, we have to come back again and have a DO OVER. If we don’t let it go here, we will be right back again to live another life to learn the lessons we missed.
There are other lessons that our body attempts to teach us. For example, colitis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis are all issues that are caused by insecurity and lack of self love. Our body is showing us we have inner work to do. Our body sends us signal from our soul that something is amiss. If we keep ignoring the signs in our bodies, we will die without completing our soul’s purpose, which is to evolve and grow. Self love is the key to all healing.
In other words if you have not learned your lessons here, you will be sent back to a “DO OVER.” 
We all have the power to heal our mind body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little help. That is where I come in. I have healed fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr and cancer in my own body. As a healed healer and Spiritual pathfinder I help you discover what needs to be healed and help you forgive yourself, others and heal the past. We dig up the old hurts, and eradicate them. We work with your inner child. Everyone has a trauma from their childhood that needs to be healed. If it is left unhealed this trauma comes up and bites us in the butt in our relationships. It is masked as other issues. We won’t allow love in, if we don’t love ourselves. 
I have had hundreds of men and women ask me why they don’t have love in their lives. In every case it is all about them. They don’t love themselves. If you don’t love you, you close the door to being lovable and block others from loving you. Isn’t it time you had the love you deserve in your life?
When you have your life review will you be happy with all you have done for your family, relationships and others? Or will you be like my ex-husband and have regrets about how you didn’t love completely? How much longer will you continue to beat yourself up, attract people who aren’t good for you or will abuse you? Until you love yourself these patterns will keep repeating themselves. 

Consequence For Actions and Non-Actions

If you don’t deal with your healing here you will be dragging all your unresolved issues with you into the afterlife. Contact Jennifer now for your DISCOVERY session to find out if you are a good fit. Jennifer offers Spiritual mentoring for those seeking enlightenment.
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