Excuses, Excuses, Excuses: How The Mind Keeps Us Stuck

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It takes more energy to begin than it takes to accelerate.

A ship that is dead in the water cannot be steered.

Beginning is the most difficult. Have you ever noticed all the things that delay us from the beginning? The planning, the organizing, the thinking about what you want to do, or accomplish. Your doubts keep you stuck, doubled up in fear. You have to decide to start. Excuses keep you stuck. Excuses keep you from beginning. You want to be a painter, “I don’t have the money.” “I don’t have the ideas.” “I don’t have the talent.” All of these excuses stop you. Excuses prevent you from being and having the life of your dreams. Excuses keep you from having the relationship you want. Excuses don’t matter.


You have to do it anyway. The prescription for success is to begin. Get the party started! Say YES to the relationship. Say YES to starting the new business. Say YES to hiring a self-love coach that will empower you.  If you haven’t done it up until now by yourself, join me now. I will light a firecracker under your butt and get you off your couch, catapulted out of your Barcalounger, excited about your life, your success and your love. I will help you find the love inside of you that will help you to heal your life so you can have the relationship you want. Use your reasons and excuses and go SUCCEED! 

Once you BEGIN you become a magnet for the Universe to assist you and give you what you want. An inert object is much harder to move than one already in motion. I will blast you with creative Source energy to get you moving, motivated and feeling alive!

Tonight I will inspire you, energize you and help you engage the Universe to work with you and support you. I will teach you how to connect to Source energy and create miracles in your life.

Have you said all the affirmations, meditated and tried to manifest and not gotten anywhere? 

How long have you waited for someone to call you for your highest and best? I am calling you to get off your couch and make a decision.  All you have to do is say YES! Saying yes to The Universe will engage the Universe to assist you to make your dreams come true. 

Synchronicity will begin to happen. The Universe will conspire for your benefit. You have to get off your couch to engage the Universe! 

Jennifer is a life, love and relationship coach, and enlightened being. She is connected to Source energy and brings a new element to her coaching by her connection. E-mail to get your Free discovery session today!

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