There Is No Such Thing As An ACCIDENT!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

 Everything Happens For A Reason


Yesterday, for the first time in many years I was involved in a car accident. This is the first time since my awakening that I have experienced one. My reaction was one of calmness; witnessing, without reaction, without fear, knowing I was safe, protected and moreover, there was an underlying reason.


I live in the desert where we celebrate when we see clouds and have parties when it rains. The weather here is very consistent. The one thing we can count on in the desert is a sunny cloudless sky. Yesterday was no exception.


Mojave desert, California


Why then, was there an accident on dry pavement with no other cars on the road? It was set up and orchestrated by The Universe. It was actually a win-win event. The Universe loves when both parties win by learning something. Sometime ago, I had asked for a way to get my car repaired without cost to me. Over 8 months ago, an errant shopping cart scraped the side of my pristine Honda in a Walmart parking lot (yes I shop there on occasion.) The scrape bothered me. Because I put attention on it, I scraped it up further one afternoon backing out of our yard. I was distracted by my cell phone ringing (something I preach about often). I did not notice I had gotten too close to the gate as I crunched the same spot above my rear wheel well. 

Whenever we put energy on something with our thoughts we expand it. We create more of the same. This is a perfect example of putting negative thought into something that was already not good and making matters worse. So now you know my secret, I am not as perfect as one might think! (That was my attempt at humor). We are all works in progress, learning from each experience we have. The key is to learn.

Since that time, I did not run into another fence or gate. I have been much more careful getting out of tight spaces. I drive the speed limit now. I leave myself enough time to arrive in plenty of time. I have learned through my past experience, mostly.

Yesterday as I drove northbound on Sierra Highway, a two lane secondary road that snakes through the desert endlessly. The Sierra highway has a long history, dating back to the early 1900s built as a trail. It runs from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe. Read more about the history of Sierra highway here. After dropping Ariel at school, I was again distracted by my cell phone. My friend William was texting me. Although I did not respond to his text, I read it before tossing it into my purse in the seat next to me. My head was down for only a second or two, no more. In that amount of time, my car was pushed almost off the road with an impact that sounded like a sonic boom. Living in the desert, we hear those often. 

There were no other cars on the road ahead or in the oncoming lane. The car seemed to come from out of nowhere. When asked, the woman who hit me, interestingly did not see me either. She had been stopped at a stop sign, on her cell phone (see the mirroring here?). She pulled out crossing the oncoming lane to make contact with my car. There was no one else in sight. 


When the driver of the other car stopped. She left her car protruding into the lane of traffic. I had to suggest that she pull ahead and off onto the shoulder for safety. Her actions and reactions were totally unconscious, like she was sleeping with her eyes opened. She was on her cell phone even after the accident. The cell phone only left her ear to dial another number. Even when the highway patrol officer showed up, she continued to stay on her cell phone. The whole time we were stopped exchanging information she was on her cell phone. She was distracted, fragmented and ungrounded. She could not breathe. I had to help her calm down as her blood pressure was rising. She appeared to be about 26 – 28 years old. She had 4 names on her documentation and was currently divorced. 

No one was hurt. Not even my dogs, Karma and our new little puppy, Yoda (who was safe on the floor). My air bags did not deploy. My car was still driveable, as was the other woman’s car. The driver of the “other” car was driving with a suspended licence. She had borrowed her boyfriend’s car to go pick up her 3 small children. She was unemployed. When we exchanged information, the woman was hyperventilating. She was in abject fear. She had already been arrested for driving without a license and her car was impounded. I did not blame or condemn her. I only asked why she was driving with a suspended license? 

Why did this happen? 


Good question Grasshopper! This accident happened for many reasons. The Universe sends us messages through lessons. If we learn the lesson, we move on, graduate and don’t have to repeat the lesson. If we choose to be stupid, stubborn or have our head’s up our butts, we will have to repeat the grade, take another final exam and then once we pass by learning and stopping the behavior we get to graduate! Learning is the key ingredient. 

The parallels between this young woman and myself except for skin color were quite remarkable. However, nothing is beyond the power of The Universe/ Source. Here they are:

  1. We were both were female.

  2. We both had 3 children.

  3. We both had been married 4 times.

  4. We were both distracted by our cell phones.

  5. We were both doing something illegal. 

  6. This was not the first time that both had been warned by either police or The Universe about being on our cell phones while driving.

  7. Neither of us were hurt.

  8. Both of our cars were driveable after the accident. 

 Lessons Are Here To Teach Us Something

Driving while using a cell phone in the state of California is illegal. There is a reason it is illegal. It is dangerous. We both have children that learn from our behavior. My daughter is about to be driving herself. How can I tell my daughter not to talk on her cell phone or text while driving if I am not teaching by example? This parallel could be expressed in other ways, if we lie, we can’t expect our children not to lie. If we cheat on our partners, we can’t expect our partners not to cheat on us. If we don’t love and accept ourselves, we can’t others to love and accept ourselves. Energy always moves in a circle. Whatever we send out comes back to us, without exception.

The Universe likes win-win situations. I learned something valuable yesterday. I was able to see the gift in the accident. I was getting my car fixed by one of the best insurance companies in the country. USAA is the Holy Grail of insurance companies. My car was still drivable. I was not hurt. I learned my lesson without a financial cost, which is my request of The Universe. 


I will not use my cell phone while driving again. I recognize how distracted we get by reading a text, or even talking on the phone. I do not want to put anyone else in danger with my behavior. The woman was using her boyfriend’s car. Not only will his insurance go up, but she has to answer to him for the accident. Her lesson was a more difficult and more long-lasting one. Her children could have been in the car, thankfully they were not. Did she learn not to talk on her cell phone while driving? I don’t know and it is none of my business. If she didn’t there will be another more difficult lesson for her down the road. The Universe will teach her. It is not up to me. 

The Lessons Get Harder

When we don’t learn our lessons, we will repeat them again and again. Only, the lessons become more difficult. They often hurt us more or have more profound results. In my case, not learning from an abusive relationship and not healing my issues completely led to another more abusive relationship, where the losses were greater. We have to heal our core issues. If we feel like a victim, we will be victimized. If we feel unworthy, we will attract someone who treats us as if we are unworthy. They may cheat on us, or leave us because they feel we are not good enough for them.


These are all lessons I have learned through my own healing. Looking outside of ourselves for acceptance and validation that never arrives is because we don’t feel worthy ourselves. How much longer will you continue to struggle in pain and suffering? Isn’t it time to hire a healed coach. One that has been there and mastered her own issues of Self. I used to be in conflict. I felt ashamed, depressed, ungrounded and unfulfilled. I constantly looked for love and acceptance outside of me. I no longer need another to fulfill me. I am fulfilled by myself through my relationship with myself and connection to Source (God). I help women to achieve complete self acceptance so that success and love no longer alludes them. Having complete self acceptance means you will attract others who love and accept themselves. You will stop settling for less than you deserve just to have a relationship. Contact Jennifer now for a Discovery session to find which pathway is best for your healing. Jennifer has several offerings for every budget. If not NOW, WHEN?  Contact Jennifer NOW!

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