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Better Love and Sex Radio Show with Devi Ward, was recorded, November 14 LIVE. This show is loaded with great information to assist you.

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Creating intimacy is something anyone can do. It doesn’t come from more sex. It comes from loving and accepting yourself completely and being authentic. It also comes from feeling safe within your relationship. 


Many of us turn ourselves inside out to be what our partners want not only in bed, but outside of the bedroom in our relationships at work and elsewhere. When we are trying to be what we think our partners want, we come up feeling empty, and lost. We lose ourselves. When we lose ourselves, our relationships often end because we feel unhappy and unfulfilled. We often blame our partners for our unhappiness and then look for a “better relationship.” This is not the answer.

How does being authentic lead to better sex, and greater intimacy? The more fully you step into your True Self, the less phony fake and inauthentic you are. Loving acceptance of your self is the key. That is where I come in. You like me, have been in relationships where it did not feel safe to be truly yourselves. Especially if you feel unworthy, or unloved. You try harder and harder to please your partner only ending up more unhappy and even resentful of all that you have given.


The answer lies within, not without you. The more YOU you are, the happier you will be. It took me over 30 years of deep self introspection and working on myself to get here. I know it can be difficult. It is very difficult to get there alone. I help you step into the fullness of who you are. I empower you to completely integrate all parts of yourself, instead of trying to annex, exhile or cut out the parts of you that you are not happy with. Loving yourself does not mean you are perfect. It means that you accept all parts of you unconditionally. We are all a work in progress. Here are some ways to be fully authentic. 


How To Be Authentic


  1. Let go of trying to be something that you aren’t.
  2. Let go of trying to be perfect.
  3. Stop what you are doing and breathe in. Allow yourself to fully expand your lungs. Slowly exhale. Repeat this three times or more until you feel calm and fully present.
  4. Know that everything that has happened up until now is not a mistake, it is a lesson and a gift. Be grateful for what you have learned. 
  5. Your past does not equal the present, once you recognize that something has to change. The something is accepting YOU! You don’t have to be different it is more of a focus.
  6. Look at yourself with a soft focus. Think of yourself as a newborn baby. Babies are perfect, we love them unconditionally. We don’t beat them up for not being perfect.
  7. Get to know who you are, intimately. Who are you? Write a list of descriptors that describe you (without job titles or job descriptors, without the “mother” title, or “father” title.
  8. Focus on what you love about you. 
  9. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Remind yourself daily, “I LOVE ME.” Use this mantra several times a day.
  10. Meditate. This will help ground you and become more focused.
  11. Get your energy cleared. This is a service I offer. You will feel more clarity, grounded and focused.
  12. Don’t blame others for anything.
  13. Take responsibility. You are responsible for your own happiness. Happiness comes from within – not from outside of you.
  14. Do what brings you joy every day.
  15. Forgive yourself. 
  16. Get some professional help along the way. It is so much easier to get forward motion when you work with someone who has been where you are. Hire a healed coach.

Isn’t it time to be happy now? Why not contact a healed healer. Someone who has been where you are, that understands what it feels like to be molested, or have difficulty with intimacy, and being fully available emotionally. I have developed a program that teaches you all the tools to do this work while you work with me, so that afterwards you are able to carry on and continue on your own. As an intuitive life coach and hypnotherapist I uncover the deep rooted issues that have caused you the issues in relationships so that they can be weeded out. These limiting beliefs have you programmed for relationships that don’t work. Patterns continue to repeat over and over until these programs are cleared. 
When you are completely accepting of yourself, success and love expand. You feel so good that you attract success, love and all manner of greatness to you. Just by being you.
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Working with me privately will help you become fully present, so that you feel whole, complete and sexy in your body. You will be so much happier with yourself and your body. It does not take the PERFECT relationship, or the PERFECT job, or the PERFECT weight to MAKE YOU HAPPY. Happiness comes from within.


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