By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Yes I am a healer and all healthy and crap! I came by the pie gene honestly. My father also loved pie. My mother would bake like crazy over the holidays. She would give boxes of homemade shortbread cookies and pies away. Even now, at 91, my mother manipulates with pie.

Yes, she does. She offers people pie in exchange for manual labor, or favors. Pie has become a type of monetary exchange in our family. The amazing thing about pie is that it contains flour, sugar, fruit, eggs, but the most important ingredient is….. wait for it….. LOVE!

Join me tonight at 6:00 PM PACIFIC time and 9:00 EASTERN for a LOVE filled event of magnanimous proportions filled with PI. Pun intended! Warning there will be LOVE involved!

(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401#

Much love and Pie to you!


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