The Power of The Unconscious Mind

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This week I will host my last podcast of 2014. If you have never experienced hypnotherapy, join me on Wednesday for this very special program.


Our thoughts whether they are conscious or unconscious create our world. 90% of those thoughts are unconscious. What is YOUR unconscious mind doing while you are not aware?


As a hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, helping my clients become aware of what it is that they are projecting onto their partners and spouses is part of what I do. Below is a link to my recent interview with Dr. Alan Simberg. He interviews Todd Stofga, also a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner first. You will find this an interesting hour.

We are programmed in our early lives by our parents, teachers and other authority figures. These programs are based on lies. We convinced ourselves that these lies are true. This is how we defeat ourselves everyday. Here are some to the lies we have been told and think on a daily basis:
  1. You are not good enough
  2. You aren’t pretty enough
  3. You aren’t smart enough
  4. You will never get there
  5. You will never be successful
  6. You will have cancer in your lifetime
  7. You will age 
  8. You will get sick
  9. You can’t have what you want
  10. You have to work hard for your money
  11. Money is HARD to come by

Join me this Wednesday for the last podcast of the year. I will be performing hypnotherapy to clear these unconscious beliefs for all who are on the program with me. Let me know what you want cleared for you personally here: [email protected]

Here is the call in number for Wednesday’s program. 6:00 PM PST and 9:00 PM EST

(605) 475-4000 Pin 939401#

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