Orgasm for LIFE!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My coaching and healing work with women over the years has led me to some very interesting discoveries. Women with sexual dysfunction have most likely been molested. Women who get cervical and other sexual cancers were probably molested. 40% of all women have some form of sexual dysfunction. When I say dysfunction, I am referring to what used to be called frigidity. They can’t or have difficulty achieving orgasm.

In an older post I refer to the fact that 80% of women fake orgasm. This is due in part to women not being able to ask for what they need, not knowing what they need and men not understanding a woman’s body. 

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Trauma stays in the cells of the vaginal tissue. If it is not released it causes pain and dysfunction during sex. I walk the readers of Orgasm for Life through the gentle way to release and heal this physical manifestation of the trauma from the body. I give careful and detailed instructions that can be used at home. 

Why Women Say NO!

Women need 45 minutes of foreplay on average, where men sometimes need none. There is a huge disparity between males and females in the need for stimulation. Most couples according to the Durex sex survey have 10 minute couplings. Which only makes the majority of women frustrated. Sexual frustration can cause resentment and anger as well as a refusal to have sex. Perhaps, men will have a greater understanding of why women say “NO!” If you were pleasing your partner with regularity, you would get a lot more YES answers. Think about it this way, how would you feel if you had sex with a partner for 26 years and could count the number of orgasms you had on two fingers? Would you want to continue doing things the same way? 


How To Get Her To Say YES! YES! YES!

I am currently working on a new book. The title of the book is an eye and ear catching title, Orgasm For Life. My friend, William Dargin came up with the title. Thank you William!


The purpose of this book is to teach women about their own bodies. When women know and understand what they need, and feels good to themselves, they are better able to explain to their partners. Men are like PCs and women are like Macintosh computers. Talking directly to one another with our operating systems is next to impossible. We can’t direct-connect. We need an Interface. Our bodies are different, our operating systems are different and we are certainly different emotionally. Orgasm for Life provides the Interface between men and women.  It isn’t bad or wrong, we are just DIFFERENT!

Orgasm for Life is a frank, light-hearted look at our differences and similarities. It teaches, it provides deep wisdom and understanding that I garnered from my 4 marriages and divorces. I have learned what doesn’t work very well! I also have learned what does work. This is what I teach in Orgasm for Life.

Today I began a funding for this book on Indiegogo a crowdfunding site. Here is the link to my campaign. If you can contribute in a small or large way, I appreciate it. I thank you in advance for whatever you can do, big or small. Without your help, this project will be challenging.  

When I wrote my first book,  Odyssey Victim to Victory I had no idea what it took to create a best seller. I was ill equipped financially and mentally for the challenge. Today is different. I am very excited about this new project and will continue to post here when I can, as I am in the midst of writing and finishing Orgasm for Life. 

If you are able to contribute to this cause, I appreciate it, more than you know. If you are able to spread the word, help me get a television or radio interview that is appreciated as well. This book is a win-win for men and women the world over. Healthy communication outside the bedroom, deeper intimacy in the relationship and greater understanding and compassion will lead to fulfilling sex, deeper love and happier people.
Happier people means a happier and healthier planet. We all want that! Make LOVE not war……  Orgasm for LIFE!

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