Are Quickies Killing Your Sex Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

“The average love-making session lasts 10 minutes. Statistically speaking, most are disappointed that sex ends so soon.”


Most Women Need 20 – 45 minutes of foreplay to reach orgasm. It is not any one’s fault. Men and women have very different needs. Understanding how to get a woman stimulated enough so that she doesn’t have to fake it like 80% of women do is key. (Sorry guys this is true). I will help you be a King in your bedroom and master of your domain!

Quickies Are Fun

The average love-making session lasts 10 minutes. Statistically speaking, most are disappointed that sex ends so soon. 

Most men orgasm between 2 – 10 minutes into the sex act. When you see compare the statistics for the average women to achieve an orgasm, 10 minutes does not get her even half way there. 


Although we have all enjoyed the passion of the moment of a quickie, most women are just getting warmed up when you are already snoring on your pillow. Women need 20 – 45 minutes of massage, kissing, touching and pleasure before you enter the sacred place, unless you are the only one actually reaching an orgasm.

Make It About Her

Most men get excited just by seeing their naked woman. Women’s body’s and minds work differently. Women have been rushing around all day with kids, schoolwork, cooking, cleaning and work. Give her time to relax, take a shower or bath and get into the mood. A candle light bath might be just the ticket to help her transition. Run the bath and light the candles so that she feels you care. Women are the nurturers and need nurturing too. Take care of her for a change. Make an effort. Give to her without thinking of yourself. She will feel the difference.

Sex Is 80% Mental For Women

Women have to be mentally in the mood for sex. We can’t get there if you have told us how lousy our dinner was or how dirty the house is. We need acceptance, romance and kindness to be sexually aroused. If you have just had an argument and want sex, unless you have given a genuine apology and made up completely, forget it!

Orgasm is 80% mental, 20% physical. If she is thinking about the dishes in the sink, the kids waking up, or all that she didn’t accomplish today, getting her in the mood for sex will be difficult, All these thoughts will block her from settling into the pleasure of the moment. Spend some time helping her get out of her head and into her body with these 10 steps.

How To Get Her There


  1. 10 minutes of kissing
  2. 10 minutes of massage
  3. 10 minutes of touch – alternate between feather light and nibbling and body kissing.
  4. 10 minutes of oral sex
  5. 10 minutes of manual digital stimulation – she should have several orgasms before you get to step 6
  6. Then you may enter slowly at first, building up speed, changing it up between gentle and stronger thrusts.
  7. Drive her crazy by alternating thrusting with oral sex. Do this several times and you will probably be able to give her a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time.
  8. Slow down if you feel the pressure building. Stop and finger her some more.
  9. Make it about her, instead of you. The more you give, the more you will get in return.
  10. Try to make your movements fluid, rather than mechanical. She will sense it if you are being too much in your head.

If you have an orgasm and she didn’t, manually stimulate her to orgasm before you fall asleep. She will thank you and be much more ready to have sex with you the next time you desire her. Make sure she didn’t fake it to make you feel better.


Yes it does exist. All women have a G-spot. Women can have orgasms and ejaculate, like men do. It is located approximately 1.5 to 2 inches away from the clitoris, on the upper wall of the vagina. You can find it by using your index finger in a come hither motion. It may be tender at first (read article on G-spot tenderness).

If your woman was sexually molested, this area can be very tender and painful to the touch, as the emotional trauma has been frozen in her body. Look for my article on G-spot healing and Massage.

Jennifer is a love and passion coach and author of Orgasm for Life. This book IS the interface between men and women for communication in relationships and the bedroom. This book is a self-help for women and men wanting more information about improving their sex lives, relationships and love. The better communication is outside of the bedroom, the better the sex is in the bedroom. 

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