Is Life An Illusion?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Did Roger Ebert experience heaven the days before his death?

I just read this article above about Roger Ebert (I have provided the link). It was sweet and engaging. If you have any question about whether heaven does or does not exist, I suggest you read it. Roger had nothing to prove. He only shared his experience with his wife. He did not profit from his observation in any way. 

I recently had an experience that was unique. I have written about this experience in several different blogs. One I wrote about “Farewell to Rich Resuta” and “Loving Yourself Cancer Free.” 


I am a channel as well as a life coach. My ex husband had asked me some questions in May of 2011. I told him that “the infection/abscess in your gum is gone, but wait, I am hearing there is more. The infection has traveled to your heart and the antibiotics you are taking are a shot-gun approach and not effective. You need to get a focused antibiotic to combat this infection that has traveled to your heart.” I went on to say, that the job he was doing was physically too strenuous and stressful (working in the oil fields of North Dakota with men in their 20s. He was the oldest there at 52. 

I recently had a similar experience to the one Rich had when he chose to continue along the tunnel of light. I found a breast lump and was in the process of healing it naturally. I had a John of God healing and was doing prayer work among other things. I felt exhausted and had to go to bed in the middle of the afternoon, which was very unusual for me. I fell asleep as if in a coma. As I began to wake (in that state of in between neither fully awake or asleep) I saw myself walking down a tunnel of light. I was accompanied by two beings that I could not see but I felt behind me. Ahead was this brilliant light. I could FEEL people awaiting my arrival. 

At first I thought it was just a dream. I thought I was getting to experience what heaven would feel like without having to stay. My daughter had just lost her father less than a year before. I was not afraid to die, as a matter of fact, this state was peaceful, blissful and joy filled. I asked, “What about Ariel? I can’t leave her without any parents. She hasn’t fully recovered from the death of her father, this could devastate her!” As soon as I said that I was rushed out of the tunnel in a whoosh! Like I was backed out. 
I lay in bed feeling disoriented and wondering why it happened? I realized that we are often offered an EASY WAY OUT. 

Sometimes our lives are challenging and death seems easier. I am not one that feels that way. I have endured many challenges. I have endured much pain and suffering. My suffering is over. I am here to help others. I knew I needed to heal the breast cancer and be here to support my daughter and do the work I was brought here to do. The breast cancer is gone and I am still very much alive. I have a purpose. I am here to fulfill that purpose. Each and everyone on this planet is here for a reason. 

The walk through the tunnel felt like, “How committed to this work are you? How committed to support your children and others are you?” There is another way. We don’t have to be here if we don’t want to be. Yet, it is not the easy way out. We will just have to return again and again until we “get it.” 

He went back to his dentist and the dentist told him the antibiotic was fine. He died in his sleep two months later, with a smile on his face. He came to me that night and told me that, “a door simply opened and he walked through.” Rich’s life had been a struggle. He was burdened with rage and being abusive towards women, just like his father was. He tried to get beyond this but was not able to. He and I tried seven times to reconcile, because I knew he was a good man, underneath the rage. Each time we did, he went back to old behavior and even asked me why that was the case. His father’s behavior seemed to be imprinted in his soul, as if in his DNA. 


Each experience we have is just that. It is in our lives to teach us something. We can choose to suffer or we can choose to use it as what it is intended for. We can learn and grow from the experience. When we resist the lesson, we fight God and The Universe. We fight our learning process. When we resist, we suffer. It is very simple. I help people move out of suffering into learning and growing. When we begin to express gratitude for each lesson, we have truly healed.

The suffering is like the energizer bunny. He moves forward even when he should be sitting still and observing. He pushes his energy no matter what. He pushes bad situations. He does not learn from past experiences. (Just like I used to and so many of us do).

When we recognize that the experience is just a teaching tool, we can remove our ego, our pain and our suffering from the experience and learn and grow. If we don’t another situation that looks different and might even feel different, but the lesson is still the same. Until we reach a point of no longer needing the lesson, we learn from it instead.
For example, I learned that I have a tendency to attract addictive personalities and abusive men. I did this because my father was abusive and had an addictive personality. It is what I learned in early childhood. I mimicked what I was taught in my childhood home. I was abused, so I was trained to feel unworthy. I attracted men who would treat me as if I was unworthy, until I realized that I am already worthy. This unworthiness is just an illusion! 
We all come here with lessons to learn. Mine were self love and self acceptance. I used to feel I needed to have a man to feel and be complete. Now I know that could not be further from the truth. I am fine alone. I am happy alone. This is where we create from. When we feel already good enough. Already loved. Already connected to The Divine Source of all that is. Feeling fully present, connected happy alone. We then are available to help others find their center, their inner peace and be free of the suffering as well.


Just my take on heaven, and life here. Once we get it, we help others get it also. It is never just about us. It is about us being part of the whole and helping the whole “get it.” 

Jennifer is currently completing her second book, Orgasm for Life. The purpose of this book is to bridge the gap between men and women. Most of us end up angry after several divorces, blaming the other and not able to recover fully to be able to give and  receive love. This book bridges the gap so that we can communicate with each other in loving ways. The more open and honest our communication is, the happier we all are. Women fake it. Men don’t understand why. I teach you how to please your partner without guilt or shame. 

Sex is a natural part of love and life. If you feel called to support this work, my Indiegogo crowd funding link is here. If you can contribute $!, $10 or $100 I appreciate you. Thank you.

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