Life Fully Expressed On Purpose

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Every one of us has a Divine Purpose. Living our lives fully, present in every breath and in a state of LOVE is what we are meant to do. 

There are many ways to live a life on purpose. Each of us was given gifts and talents. Some of us are musicians and write beautiful lyrics about pain, suffering, and love. The music touches our soul and pushes us to look at our own pain and suffering improving ourselves in the process. Sometimes the music moves us to cry, another’s purpose can help us to release emotions that would otherwise be stuck. Another’s purpose assists us to grow.

Some choose to be doctors, nurses, and teachers. Each person gives and is in service to others in some way. Others are mechanics and have abilities to fix our automobiles. Without different gifts, our planet would be filled with people all the same, without contrast. 

We see the contrast in other ways. Our relationships can challenge us and bring us personal growth. Moving out of the pain of past experiences into joy allows us to see the contrast of suffering versus joy. If life were a smooth river without twists, turns and challenges we would not recognize the greatness of experiencing bliss and joy when we have healed and let go of our suffering. The contrast in our lives helps us to see how far we have come and what changes we have made. If it were all smooth sailing we would not celebrate the victories and welcome the inner peace and harmony so joyously when it comes.

Many people on this planet have so many gifts that it is difficult to choose which direction to turn. Following our passion is what spurs us on to live a higher life, A purpose filled life with the fulfillment of living out our dreams and assisting others to heal their lives.

For me, my challenge has always been the focus. I have done faux finishing, landscaping, and writing. I have always been a writer, but I did not see early on how that was living my soul’s purpose. After becoming a Master Gardener and owning and operating For Heaven Scapes, Ltd in Georgia for eleven years, I grew tremendously and became more grounded during that time. I healed my life while balancing the landscaping with hypnotherapy and energy healing as well. In 2011, I knew it was time to let go of the landscaping and move fully into healing and inspirational writing. I became a channel and my intuitive gifts opened up after traveling to India and Bali to study and heal. I completed my first book in Bali and published it in early 2011. Odyssey Victim to Victory was my autobiographical account of my life and healing experience; moving out of illness and suffering into joy.

I was told by God then that Odyssey would not take off until my second book was released. I had no idea what direction The Divine would take me. In early 2012, I was told that sex is the way that masses of people would come to Spirituality and consciously connected living. I was to write a book about sex. I  have to say that after moving in one direction (SELF LOVE) for so many years I wondered what impact this new direction would have on my business. I was assured that I would be taken care of, as always and this was my purpose and new direction. My children were concerned about my reputation, safety and what people would think.

I knew that some of my clients would not understand. I knew that some of my clients that had followed me from the beginning might leave. The Divine knows so much better than we do what we all need. I was told that the ones that left would be replaced with thousands more. My purpose is not to question, but to follow the guidance I receive. It is obvious from my posts here, on Love Yourself Fearlessly and on that people want to learn more about sex and coupling. The posts I have written about sex receive 300 times the attention that my posts about spirituality do. Although there are many books out on the subject of sex, there has yet to be one that is all encompassing. 

Orgasm for Life is about life being lived in bliss and joy. It is so much more than sex. It is about a deep connection in our relationships. It is about love and compassion. Orgasm is about letting go. Letting go of control, manipulation, and fear. The act of orgasm cannot happen if you are hanging on for dear life, it is the act of letting go that allows an orgasm to happen. Sex is the vehicle that will bring people to an understanding that the opposite sex is not the enemy. Sex for men is what allows them to open their hearts and allow us women in. Without sex, men shut down and won’t communicate. They become angry and resentful. Sex shows our men that we love and accept them. Women need romance and to know they are loved In order to be willing to have sex. We need a kiss and a hug through out the day, a phone call telling us that we are loved, and beautiful. We need to be treated like a Queen outside of the bedroom so that we treat our men like Kings in and out of our boudoir. 

Dynamic sex is an art form. We need to have our heads in the game to be open to it. For us women, sex is 80% mental and only 20% physical. If we’re upset, the kids are crying or the in-laws are visiting is it very difficult for women to let go and enjoy pleasure. 

Through greater understanding of our differences, needs and communication styles our relationships will grow, heal and thrive. Rather than divorce, marriages will transform. Orgasm for Life will give both men and women the tools to be better lovers, great communicators and happier in our relationships. To be truly able to love another, we need to love ourselves. When we don’t love ourselves completely we are unable to receive love. We give too much and become addicted when we don’t love ourselves. This leads to an imbalance in our relationships. The foundation for a healthy relationship is a healthy and balanced life for each person, grounded in self-love. Without complete self-acceptance, codependency, addictive and abusive relationships result.

The need for sex wanes over time. However, there is no reason why men and women in their 70s and 80s can’t continue to have pleasure. The oldest father known is 91 years of age. I know of women in their 90s that still have sexual urges from time to time.

Women have been suppressed for thousands of years. For the most part, we have put our men first, giving our bodies, and the best years to our partners. We have birthed children, which ravages our bodies and then been criticized for our weight gain and flabby skin. We have given our bodies willingly so that our husbands would have pleasure. Yet most women never achieve orgasm through the sex act. Most couplings last between 2 and 10 minutes and the woman does not have a chance to become aroused enough to experience an orgasm. The average woman needs 45 minutes of stimulation to achieve an orgasm. 80% of all women fake orgasm over 50% of the time. The numbers simply don’t match up. 


Women begin to have sex out of duty rather than for pleasure. After years of unfulfilling sex, resentment builds and our ability to continue to say yes, diminishes. More women are saying, “NO!” instead of “YES!” as the years go by. Orgasm for Life will change this. I will teach you how to romance your woman, outside the bedroom and how to pleasure her and bring her to orgasm every time inside the bedroom.  

Men think they know what women want. It has been my experience that most men don’t listen. I have told a man what I wanted and found he did what he thought I needed. I have as others have had men not stop when we say, “It hurts.” Both men and women need to listen to what our partners are saying and believe what they say, rather than think we know better than they do.

Even when women ask repeatedly for something different, their love making style rarely changes from what they learned in adolescence. Fast can be the only speed for some men when women need to allow the pleasure to build slowly. We can ask for something to change, but most men continue to use old techniques and don’t adapt. Both men and women need to adapt to the changes that our bodies undergo as we mature and change. Orgasm for Life will give you interesting and different ideas to change and spice up your sexual escapades. Orgasm for Life is a guide to creating an exquisite conscious life which includes deep intimacy, powerful connection and makes sex sacred. When sex becomes sacred love is profound.


The most profound experience a human can have is an orgasm. During an orgasm (prana) energy moves upward from the base of the spine through the central channel and rises ending in the frontal lobe. It lights up over 80 centers of the brain. Nothing else comes close to firing so many centers of the brain. It is a glimpse of enlightenment. It is the closest one can come to touching, feeling or seeing God. 

What Is Your Soul Purpose?

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