Is Someone A Pain In Your Ass?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Yoda and me, January 2014

Problems? Do you bitch, Moan or Complain?


If you have been reading my blog for any time, you would know that this little guy, Yoda in the photo above trotted into our lives
and our household has not been the same since. I used to be able to meditate with Karma, our older Border collie mix laying next to me quietly whether it was in my office or out in the desert. I could create videos with Karma in the room or even on location without any problem. I also used to be able to focus on my writing for hours on end without a break. Karma is 14. She is the most intelligent four-legged friend I have ever had. She is also the most well behaved. CONTRAST helps us recognize how great we had it before.

Yoda has shown us the contrast between himself and Karma. We recognize what a wonderful well-behaved dog she is. She doesn’t mess in the house. She doesn’t pee on the carpets and she doesn’t yap. We loved Karma before, but we love her and recognize how wonderful she is because of the contrast between her and a much younger puppy. 
I am in the middle of writing and completing my book: Orgasm for Life. This book is shaping up to be a great resource for anyone wanting to be a better lover, husband or wife. Writing a book takes focus, concentration and attention. Yoda has made that very challenging. 


Yesterday while I was writing, he let me know he needed to go outside. The puppy came back to the door and scratched to let me know he wanted to come back in. He often returns indoors and promptly pees on the carpet. That is when I say “he is a pain in the ass.” He likes to have someone stand outside with him watching him pee. I continued to write, knowing I had to get Ariel to school and had only a few more minutes to finish a chapter. Ariel began loading her school bag and belongings into the car and gathering keys to lock up our house. She put Karma in the car and I asked where Yoda was. Ariel said he was inside the house. I knew that was not the case. I looked all over our fenced in yard. Yoda was not inside the fence. All of a sudden I was flooded with anguish. We live near a busy road. The post office is just down the street. Yoda has never been allowed outside of our fenced in yard off a leash. He had absolutely no street sense at all! I ran out of the gate asking the first man I saw if he had seen a little black puppy. He nodded he had and pointed towards the post office.
I ran to a pick-up truck I was guided to. I felt Yoda’s energy there recently. I rapped on the window just as the driver was rolling it up. He looked at me and nodded when I asked if he had seen a little black puppy. He said he had him in the back bed of his truck for about 15 minutes. He commented further that a woman dressed in business attire had taken him with her to find his owner. 
He accompanied me into the post office and we asked the post master about the woman. He kindly gave me her address (off the record – this was amazing!) He could have said no way Jose!
I ran home, got the Honda and Ariel and I drove immediately to the woman’s home. She was a delightful woman who had her own dog. She had given Yoda some water and said he was absolutely not afraid of her dog. She knew he had an owner – even though there was no collar to give her this information. She had called her son asking him to come and help her to find his owner. To say I was relieved was an understatement.
I recognized that my grumbling about Yoda being a pain in the butt created this situation. Did I really want him? Yoda was saying to me, if I didn’t want him he would find another place to be where he was wanted. The Universe was offering a solution. He could have ended up at the pound and in the arms of another little girl. 
Grumbling and complaining causes our worlds to be in chaos. Complaining about those we love could cause them to go somewhere else. Do you grumble, complain or bitch about your wife, lover, husband, job or children? Do you ever wish for freedom? Where do you find yourself grumbling or complaining? Complaining could mean that The Universe will offer a solution to your complaining. The solution could be one that you don’t like. (Comment below about where you have a similar issue.)
Did I learn my lesson? You betcha! I will be much more careful about my thoughts and words. We all know this stuff, we just need a reminder. I am glad to be of service in this way (tee hee).  Be careful because complaining could cause what you are complaining about to GO AWAY! Appreciation and gratitude for what we DO HAVE brings us more of what we want.
Thank you God! Thank you Universe! Thank you kind neighbors!

Jennifer is a Bliss Coach, helping women and men live happier more joy filled lives. She is also a sex educator working with clients committed to create empowered lives that are BLISS filled. Her book, Orgasm for Life is due out in early February.

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