Orgasm For Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My second book, 

Orgasm For Life is completed!

This book will help you improve love-making, oral sex, guide you to have orgasms with regularity if you are a non-orgasmic woman and help you achieve deep intimacy and better communication with your partner. Trust is the key to better sex and more frequent orgasms. Without trust, you can’t let go and you might even be consumed with fear, which blocks you from having an orgasm and the ultimate pleasure that a human can achieve.
The object to love-making and great sex is LETTING GO! I help you uncover the reasons why you aren’t orgasmic every time and help you achieve that ultimate bliss and become a better lover. 
In a long-term relationship or marriage? Spicing up your relationship is probably high on your priority list. So it should be. I help you uncover all the ways to make your sex life more passionate, exciting and memorable. 
The book is now with my editor. If you have a question you wanted answered about sex, pleasure or what women mean when they say certain things…… now is the time. I have one revision and then it is headed for formatting and publishing. I appreciate your support through the process. This book is a much needed guide to BLISS

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