Live Longer With Forgiveness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We have heard it from Masters, teachers, ministers and saints. Now Scientists are talking about forgiveness and longevity in the same sentence!

Yes, forgiveness does help you live longer. Why? Because holding onto resentment causes cancer and other diseases. When we don’t forgive a person, it harms us NOT THEM! Forgiveness helps us heal our broken hearts. Forgiveness heals us from the inside. I helps us feel happier, eliminating resentment, hatred and anger.
I have had a lot to forgive over the years. I have spent oodles of time forgiving my abusers, ex-husbands, and even myself. Forgiveness work is part of my private coaching and Love Yourself Fearlessly course, because it helps you let go of the past. When we continue sending daggers, seething thoughts of anger and resentment to someone, it comes back to bite us in the breast, colon or heart.
We have to learn to let go, so that we can move forward. When we focus on what others have done to us endlessly without letting go, we are still attached to them, with chords and emotional ties. The anger and resentment eats us up inside, causing an acidic environment where cancer and other diseases grow.
The forgiveness work I do involves the inner child. Many do inner child work, I feel mine is different, because it involves emotion. We have to let go through our emotion. Emotion is held in our cellular memory. The inner child healing allows the deepest level of forgiveness, clearing out the cellular memory. 
I recently worked with a client who was abused. They told me they had done inner child work. When we did it anyway, I was told that they had never felt the movement that occurred doing this work with me. 
You Can Do This On Your Own
For those who would like to let go of their past hurts and forgive on their own, I recommend the Ho’oponopono Prayer. It is a Kahuna healing prayer that is simple but powerful.  Kahuna healers have used this for thousands of years. It works even with physical harm, not just emotional harm. I have found that the simplest of modalities can cause the deepest healing.
I am sorry
Please Forgive me
I love you
Thank you
Saying this prayer in your head doesn’t cut it. You have to tap into your heart. Tap into the feeling by focusing on the person you want to forgive. Feel it. Mean it when you say it. Always begin any kind of healing work with YOU. You need to forgive yourself first, before forgiving anyone else. 

What do you have to forgive yourself for? How about allowing your little child inside to be hurt? How about asking for these things to occur in your life so that you could clear it once and for all. This can be a tough pill to swallow for many that were tormented by molestation, abuse or other trauma. 
Our Soul Contracts
Before our soul incarnates we meet with our High Self Committee and our team. Maybe even the Ascended Masters, your guides and God. We decide what we want to clear up in our next incarnation. Usually, we ask for a hard road so that we will evolve quickly and clear up a lot of karma. What we forget when we live here on this earth plane is that we contracted with people to hurt us, so that we could grow, recognize the power within and become who we truly are…..  a powerful, creator made in His image. What does this mean? That we are and have the power of God within when we clear the crap, lack, selfishness, hatred, and negativity from our souls. We just have forgotten who we truly are.
Jennifer is a Love and Sex Coach, Hypnotherapist, energy healer and an author of two books, Orgasm for Life and Odyssey Victim to Victory. Her website is

She has been on radio and you tube talking about her books, her life and how she healed from abuse and molestation. These events caused deep trauma and difficulties with men in her adult life. Healing form abuse has led Jennifer to assist and empower women and men to love themselves fully, first so that they have the love to give another. Till we love ourselves completely, we tend to look outside of ourselves for love, acceptance and confidence. This does not work for long. Our relationships will be challenging, often going from one marriage to the next looking for love and acceptance outside of ourselves – which is what Jennifer did. She has learned that the experiences that are the most profound are not necessarily the most fun, but give us the greatest self knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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