Pain is the Catalyst For Growth

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Show me a human, and I’ll show you someone in pain. 

From back pain, to neck pain, headaches, stomach aches and heart aches, as humans we experience all manner of pain in our lifetime. I have found that all of our body issues begin with an emotional component that we have ignored and put off dealing with. When we ignore our emotions, we are stuffing molecules of those emotions deep into our cells. Not clearing these energies, we begin to experience symptoms which create illness and later disease. Listening to our body is paramount to avoid having to deal with cancer, arthritis and other life-threatening diseases later. Our body is the last defense, giving us warning signs that something is amiss. We need to pay attention before an abscessed tooth becomes a heart attack later on. {Abscessed tooth is from long-standing indecisiveness} Read my blog: Manic Move to The Mojave.

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As humans, we know we will experience some sort of pain in our lifetime. Suffering however, is something that we can avoid. One of my most Beloved Spiritual teachers is an Isahaya (monk). Vasestha always said, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” I have to say, I agree. Although I have experienced my own suffering, by staying in a relationship far too long when it was clearly not good for me. For being indecisive about what I was going to do, putting off moving forward. There are so many ways that we suffer. (But that is a blog for Easter.) 

We have a choice. We can choose to get out of our relationship that doesn’t serve us. We can not associate with people who hurt us, take advantage of our good nature or just say, “NO!” 

Pain pushes us out of our comfortable place in front of the television. Pain pushes us to move across the country, or to quit a job. Pain causes us to expand beyond our perceived limitations. Pain is what makes us grow. In a relationship, many of us try to avoid pain. We avoid talking about issues that create conflict. We pretend that we are having great sex, when we clearly aren’t. We hide our true feelings when we know they will create conflict. Avoiding pain, deepens and prolongs suffering. 

I say, kick it in the ass! Move forward, rather than try to keep your head above water in a dying marriage or unhappy relationship. Get out of your comfortable place in front of the television and move on. LET GO and grow. Staying in an uncomfortable place longer than you need to will create varicose veins. Ask me, I’ll show you! Putting off important decisions can create ill health. Everything that goes on in our minds and emotions creates our health or illness. It is up to us to move forward. Sometimes, we need a push, or pull, kick or encouragement. This is what I provide you in my coaching work. Join me Tonight I will help you alleviate the pain – emotional and physical. 

Louise Hay wrote a fabulous book in 1984. You Can Heal Your Life is a book that I still recommend. In the 20 years since this book was written, the teachings and principles of the book, still hold true. I have read this book cover-to-cover three times. It was one of the most transformational books that I ever read. Simplistic in it’s teaching, the proof is in the pudding. This is one of the books that helped me heal and transform my life from one of negativity and depression to Joy and enlightenment. 

Pain is what helps us move forward. When the pain becomes too great we do find the courage to move out of the relationship, job or situation that is not in our best interest. Believe it or not, being grateful for the pain, is a prayer you want to make. Pain will move you out of sadness, or depression into joy, apathy into feeling, from anxiety into trust. When we recognize that we are worth it – that we have value, our courage becomes the bootstraps that pull us up and out of the mire of suffering taking us into Joy. Yes, thank heavens for the pain. It got me to live in a place of joy and happiness. I am grateful for the pain.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a transformational coach and author of Odyssey Victim to Victory and Orgasm For Life: The No Holds-Barred Guide for creating BLISS. She empowers women and men love themselves fearlessly. The foundation of self love provides a grounding and personal empowerment which creates healthier relationships. Often those who don’t love themselves, search for wealth, love, acceptance or validation outside of themselves. This never brings the joy and happiness that they are looking for. You must give love to receive love – beginning with yourself. If you don’t give love to you, how can you possibly love another? You will be trying to please someone else, rather than standing in your power. We make the relationship much more important than our own well-being, often staying in an abusive or unsupportive situation too long. When we love and accept ourselves, we have a much greater capacity to love and accept others, to give and receive more love. We become a magnet for love and all manner of wonderful events to unfold in our lives. 

Jennifer is also a certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Master Energy healer and Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner. She has helped countless women and men find true love through her program Love Yourself Fearlessly. She is available for private sessions, Akashic Record consultations and energy clearings by appointment (Skype of Phone). She works with clients in India, Germany, Switzerland, France, Malaysia, The UK, Alaska, Australia, South America, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States. She resides north of LA, in California with her two dogs and cats. 

Orgasm For Life is due to launch, May 20, 2014. Watch for the audio version with narration and personal commentary by the author.

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