Some Bunny Loves You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Easter is a time of year when suffering and love go hand in hand. Everyone in the world has suffered in some way. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi or Buddhist suffering at some point has brought you closer to your true self and to God. The key is, you don’t have to live in suffering you can move through it. On the other side of suffering and pain is JOY! I know, because that is where I live every day. I suffered in depression and sadness for over 30 years. It does not matter where I live, who I am with or what I am doing…..  I am living in a state of JOY! You can too. 

I want to wish each and every one of you a Joyous Easter! 

To all of you, thank you for reading my blog and supporting my work. The next few months are pivotal for my book. I will be offering FREE podcasts soon on Wednesday nights to talk about and expand on the subjects of my forthcoming book : Orgasm For Life …..  The No Holds-Barred Guide For Creating BLISS

I love you all. I wish you much joy and Bliss in your daily life. Today I am especially joyful, as I have had several visions of the future and it looks very very good! 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Photo by Sarah Perkins Photography, Denver

Want to live in a state of permanent JOY? 

I mentor 3 clients each year for the entire year. This work takes you deep and moves you out of fear, limitations and lack of love. Most of my clients find a deep sense of themselves within the first three months. After the first three months we create a plan together which helps you continue to grow and evolve to feel that joy and happiness within – no matter whether you are in a relationship or not. When you have a deep sense of self, coupled with complete love and acceptance, you become a magnet for love. You radiate love into your world into everything you touch and everyone you meet. You can contact me through my website to talk one-on-one with me about where you are currently and whether you are a good fit for my work. For those clients who work closely with me, I am available for emotional emergencies that come up via text and phone for the entire year as well. 

Micro Budget?

Want to hire a life coach, but wondered what happens? As a coach, I empower you to uncover what is going on with you, why you do things the way you do and what motivates you. I help you find out the deepest core issues that are challenges in your life and help you clear these energy patterns that have governed you for so long. I was a stubborn mule – set in my ways and I have changed monumentally. If I can do this = you can! This is a great opportunity to try out coaching with little investment up front. 

Take advantage of my JOY! and order a private coaching session. If you have thought about hiring a coach, but wondered how it works, and what happens during a coaching session, this is a perfect time to try coaching out. As a certified coach through Compass Life Coaching, now through May 17th, I am offering 5 special clients coaching sessions at the ridiculous low-cost of $80 per hour. That is $145 off my regular fee! You can purchase up to three sessions at this price. These sessions must be purchased by April 30. You can make a payment directly through paypal at :  I can only offer 5 very special people this offer. So act quickly. Once I have 5 people sign up – I will close this deal. I have previously offered this same offer to my special private clients through my newsletter on my website. If you wish to receive my special offers more quickly you can. Sign up for my newsletter through my website here:

With your support it will be a Global Best SELLER! My publisher has begun work on my book. If you are a famous author yourself and interested in offering your feedback for the cover of my book, e-mail me at
Stay tuned for excerpts from the book……  on my podcasts.

Jennifer is a hypnotherapist, intuitive life coach and a healed healer. She has healed depression, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr disease and breast cancer with thought and lots of self love. If you are wanting to live a life of happiness and joy – and find the inner peace within, Jennifer is the pathfinder that will show you the way. Working with Jennifer may be just the life-changer you have been looking for. Visit her website and read the testimonials.

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