Doing The Easiest Thing Rather Than The BEST THING

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


We all have responsibilities and jobs to do. Long ago I resolved to be the best at whatever it was I was doing. I may not be the best in the world, but I do the best I can possibly do in my work, coaching and life.

Sometimes we find others that would rather do the easiest thing, rather than the best or the RIGHT thing. I encountered this today, when a client informed me that a letter she wrote to me was returned with “insufficient address.” She asked me what was missing on the envelope. There was nothing missing. I wondered if I had died and the post office was returning my mail because of my death. Nope! That is not the case. Still very much alive. 
My daughter’s brand new driver’s license had not arrived after over a month. We were beginning to wonder what was going on. I had decided to visit the DMV when I was next in town and see what was going on. Since my daughter only has another month here before moving to Colorado for college, it is imperative she has her license. 
My regular mail carrier knows my daughter and I by name. He even knows our dogs. I knew he was not the issue. I wondered if the post office had added something to the zip code that I was not aware of? No. That was not the issue either. They also informed me that I appeared very much alive. That was good to know. I felt so much better.
The post master called Roy, my mail carrier and he replied he had not returned any of our mail. The post master began to dig deeper, because we had Christmas gifts returned and all sorts of other things in the past for no apparent reason. 
What he found was that there were four routes with my street name. Several were with much higher numbers. A female carrier was given my mail by mistake. Rather than locate the correct route and carrier, she had arbitrarily marked my mail, “INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS!”
Laziness, ineptness and apathy are my biggest pet peeves. This woman is just the type that gives “government workers” their bad name. She did not try. She did not ask. She did what was the easiest for her to do. She did not want to walk to the post master or her supervisor and ask what to do. She took the easy way out.
Where in your life do you take the easy way out? Are you  lazy in bed, life or your relationships? Do you slough off your duties, or take the easy way out? Being the best you can be involves all areas of your life. The best mother, father, lover, husband, wife or friend. Will you go to the ends of the earth to help, assist or give? Or do you take the lazy way? Giving your all and being the best you can be involves positive energy, rather than negativity. 
Be The Best You Can Be
Being the best version of yourself helps you feel better about you on a daily basis. You don’t have to look back and beat yourself up for not doing your best. Your best may be better than the next person, but it may not be equal to someone else’s best. Knowing you are doing your best on any given moment will fill you with satisfaction and happiness knowing that you are being the best version of you.
When you are giving your all, you can attest to that fact. “Sir, I did my level best, Sir, yes sir!” Well maybe your wife is not a drill Sargent, but she might appreciate your humor. You know you gave it all and held nothing back. When all is said and done, knowing you gave your all throughout your life, will give you the satisfaction of knowing you were the best version of you and helped raise your neighbor, your children, your family and the global vibration of humanity a little bit more. Giving your all – makes you feel good about yourself. Leave nothing on the table. Give it all! At the end of your life when you are asked, “Did you give your all?” You can answer honestly, “Yes, Sir I did.”
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an authentic psychic coach. She values honesty, integrity and gives her all in her coaching. She is available for private coaching sessions for Life, Love, Sex and Relationship coaching. Her foundational work is Self Love. Her Love Yourself Fearlessly Program is transformational. Many people meet their soul mates while going through or just following her programs.
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