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By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
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From caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, from infant to healthy adult, we all transform in many ways during our lifetime. When we truly transform is when we recognize our inner power, that we create with our thoughts and we accept ourselves completely. When we recognize we are not just a human with a mind but that we are mind-body-spirit and connected to all that is in the universe we also begin to accept others as part of us as well.

Painted Lady catterpillar

Transformation can be subtle, as we begin to watch our thoughts, monitoring our ability to turn negative in an instant. When we are able to transmute negativity into a positive thought with a mantra, or deep breathing our world becomes a more positive place for us. When we focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t have we begin to expand into greater possibilities. We see how we impact our own world, relationships and each other’s hearts.

Our relationships cause us to have tremendous growth, if we are awake enough to take responsibility for what is ours, rather than being a victim. We stop blaming our partners for what they did to us, seeing rather that we did it to ourselves on some level. All our relationships become healing opportunities for tremendous growth and transformation. 
As we step into our power, letting go of fears, control and manipulation of others we grow in confidence and self acceptance. The more we begin to loving accept ourselves, warts and all we are more able to love and accept others as they are. This self acceptance grows when we let go of the baseball bat and magnifying glass. We recognize we are not perfect, we have the power to choose for ourselves. Sometimes we choose situations that we learn were not in our highest and best interest. Through self forgiveness, we lovingly acknowledge our need to pay attention to the positive and love ourselves through it all. Our relationships may end, our heart’s may break, through it all we grow and know better what we need for ourselves. 
Onward and upward, through loving acceptance of ourselves we gently nudge ourselves towards the light, the better choices and lasting happiness. The more we lovingly accept ourselves with all our quirkiness, weirdness and individuality we open our hearts to accept those whom we have had such a difficult time with in the past. They were merely a mirror into our own issues. What we see in others, we also have an attribute within ourselves. 
Our sexuality becomes a thing of beauty as we grow in acceptance. Our bodies may not be perfect, but we begin to feel beautiful. We radiate beauty from within, which makes us look more beautiful, younger and vibrant. Our expressions of love broaden, become warmer, more open as we let go of fear. When we let go of fear, we build trust in ourselves. In our ability to choose wisely for ourselves and our love-making takes on a different intensity. When we stop monitoring ourselves, wondering how we look in the middle of passion, our pleasure deepens, our bodies unfurl. Orgasms become stronger, more blissful and expansive. We may even experience laughter through ecstasy – the ultimate expression of love – is JOY!
Jennifer is a hypnotherapist, certified life coach and Master energy healer and the author of the forthcoming book: Orgasm For Life. This book will be available for purchase through Amazon as well as Jennifer’s website, May 20th. If you enjoyed Jennifer’s blog, share it with a friend, help it go viral. With your assistance Jennifer’s book will be a global success, aiding men and women to express their love and sexuality in more profound and connected ways. Jennifer is available for private sessions by phone of Skype. She lives in the Mojave desert in California. Jennifer’s website is:

Jennifer is particularly fond of all God’s creatures. She was inspired to write this post while walking in the desert with her dogs this past week. Painted Lady Butterflies were hatching by the thousands. She noted that they all seemed to know which direction to travel. They instinctively traveled west. Her landscaping business, For Heaven Scapes, Ltd. used transformation in her logo. Jennifer has been all about transformation since 2001. From transforming landscapes in Georgia to transforming lives. Her motto is, “Live in the moment and enjoy the ride!”

Jennifer’s beautiful truck, For Heaven Scapes, Ltd.

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