Clutter in Your Home – Clutter in Your Head

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Clutter in the house – clutter in your head

As a coach, I work with life issues. When clutter fills a home – I take it seriously, as there is an emotional issue attached. Clutter is insidious, debilitating and depressing. When we enter a cluttered space we can become instantly tired, uncomfortable and feel the energy attached to the stuff lying everywhere. I recently had a session with a client who had an issue with clutter. 

I found that this client had nearly chosen death over life, feeling that there was little to live for. When we don’t feel wanted, loved or accepted, we can avoid self-care. Without anyone else around to help, encourage or be a cheerleader for us, we need to hire a professional coach to help us get beyond our own limitations.
Working with others makes me reflect on my own stuff. I don’t do well with clutter. It confuses me, makes me feel unfocused and uncomfortable. I find concentration difficult when things are stacked all over the place. I like my stuff put away, in its rightful place and I want it to stay there.
Unfortunately, we use things, remove them from the drawers, leave them out on counter tops, leave your newspapers on a table and the mail stacks up on top of the newspaper. We take vitamins out to take them, leave the bottle on the counter and before long, dishes are piled in the sink, the dishwasher is full and no one wants to put anything away. 

Laundry gets pulled out of the dryer and lays on top, the cats lay on that and cover the freshly laundered clothing with cat hair. Without careful daily tidying, clutter grows. We leave one dress on our bed or chair and by the end of the week, half of our closet is lying around our rooms. Clutter can interrupt your sleep, cause you anxiety and keep you from having friends visit. 
Clutter Has A Cost
I recently emptied out a storage unit that we had been renting since our move to California. Our house is small with few places to store our stuff. We moved a bunch of junk to the storage unit that we could not fit in our house. Having to rent a storage unit for the past eighteen months cost us over $1,000. We couldn’t even bring ourselves to visit the unit to remove or add to what was there. Only when the date of my daughter’s departure for college began to approach did I finally get up the energy to go and empty the unit out.
What I found in the storage unit was telling. Tools that belonged to my daughter’s father, now deceased, most of which we have no earthly idea what they are or even more importantly how to use them. There were 30 or so, empty boxes that we moved from Colorado with, along with empty boxes from our blender, electric kettle, juicer and some sheer curtains my mother gave to me, which I will never use. Even the previous sentence was full of clutter! We paid over $1,000 to rent a space to put stuff we don’t need, don’t use and don’t want to touch. 
Clutter has a cost. Not only does it cost you financially to store it, whether it is off-premises or in your home, it takes up space. You might not be able to park your car in your garage due to the piles of clutter you have in it. Clutter can make us sick, bog us down and make us feel sad and uncomfortable.
People die. It is a fact of life. When they do, there is an interesting phenomenon that takes place. They leave all their stuff here. No one takes what they owned with them when they die. Which means that the people who are left behind have to take care of selling, donating and cleaning out the home of the deceased. When it is our parents that pass on, we often keep things left behind like china, silver, and furniture from our parents. These sentimental objects remind us of our childhood. Each piece has an energetic imprint attached. Taking articles out of a box, can regurgitate the emotions of the object and leave them in your home. 
Fear of letting go of the past can cause us to keep things that we don’t need or use. We hang on to old memories, through items. Yet, we could still have the memories without the items in our home.
When my daughter and I left Georgia, we sold almost everything we owned and only shipped few items to Colorado. I sold my landscaping equipment, furniture and gave away what we could not fit in the trunk of my Honda. Of the things we shipped, there were some that were too heavy or fragile. Rather than ship them………. you guessed it, I rented a storage unit. I paid on the storage unit for 3 years. It cost me $1,800 to store these few antiques, books and kitchen dishes I did not want to ship. I could have shipped them and used them instead. 
Our attachment to our belongings is not healthy. The fact that we spent a total of $2,800 in 3 years, on stored items is crazy! We could have purchased a great deal of NEW STUFF for that money. 
When we returned to Georgia, my daughter and I resolved to load up the remaining items and drag them back to Colorado. We opened the storage unit and began to open the boxes. Before long, we were both sitting on the concrete floor of the storage building, feeling sad and depressed due to the attached energy of the things in the boxes. Papers hold an energy charge. Whatever is going on in the home where the items are lying is imprinted on them. Soft furnishings like sofas, or upholstered chairs are the worst. They hold emotions, sadness, anger and whatever was experienced by the people who sat on the furniture.
When relationships end, getting rid of soft furnishings is a very positive move. The most important item to get rid of is the mattress and box spring if there is one. Mattresses are slept on by both partners, made love on and argued upon. A mattress is something you want to let go of after your marriage or relationship ends.
As above, so below, As without, So within
Clutter makes us anxious, uncomfortable and depressed. When we have clutter in our homes, we have emotional clutter in our minds. Clearing the clutter up, organizing it and dealing with it can help to clear up emotional clutter as well. Avoidance of doing something means you avoid dealing with conflict, and issues of relevance in your life. 
Focus on what is in front of you. 
Do a little every day.
Pick up and put away things as you use them.
Stop putting off taking care of yourself – clutter is avoidance of self-care.
When we continue to leave things astray, rather than put them away, we are not loving or nurturing ourselves. Our souls thrive in tidy, zen-like environments. Living in disorder, disarray and chaos is a reflection of the chaos within. When our house is in order, our inner world will be in harmony also.
There are four types of clutter:
  1. Things you don’t use or love
  2. Things that are untidy or disorganized
  3. Too many things in too small a space
  4. Unfinished projects

How To Clear The Clutter

Begin taking baby steps to clean up your clutter. Take 5 minutes a day to clean up one 3 foot area. Don’t try to do the whole house at once. If you are working on your closet, spend 5 minutes to tidy your hanging clothes first. Then the following day return to do organize what you can in 5 minutes. You will be surprised what you can accomplish in just 5 minutes. 
Clutter has trapped negative energy attached. Once you touch something try to either re-order it or put it in a trash bag to give or toss. Clear up the shampoo bottles in your bathroom, anything that is nearly empty use it up and toss it. Clean the dishes in your sink and put them away. Wash your dishes as soon as you eat, then put them away. Or wash pots and pans before you eat dinner if you become fatigued after eating. 

Each day put away the things that have been taken out that are still in use. Return them to their proper place. If you don’t use an item, get rid of it. Re-using or recycling is a good thing. Someone might love what you give away. If clothes don’t fit or you haven’t worn them in the past year – get rid of them. If it is worth selling, take it to a consignment shop. Call first, as they often will only take clothes from the most recent years.

Remember if you have clutter in your car, home or office, you will have clutter and chaos within. If you are a hoarder, you hold onto emotions inside your body as well. Neither are healthy. Tidy, re-organize and put away what you use each day, rather than waiting to take care of it all later in the week. Break your tasks into 5-minute increments. Wash your hands frequently, as the energy can cause your hands to become reactive, or tingly.
Clutter will deplete your energy and cause you to have issues within your relationships, and potentially keep others away from you. Ask yourself, what are you trying to keep away? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of loss? Are you afraid that you might use the very item you have just thrown away? You are not alone. Clearing clutter will allow a healthier sex life, as your energy will be more vibrant and you will feel less depressed when your home is in order.
Jennifer is the author of the forthcoming book: Happy Here, Happy Anywhere,  Orgasm For Life and Odyssey Victim To Victory. She is a life, love and sex coach. She works with privately by Skype or phone. She is a hypnotherapist, Master Energy healer, and intuitive life coach. She had God on speed dial, as well as The Ascended Masters. She speaks to them during her consultations and passes on the information to you. You can contact her through her website:

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