The Love of A Mother

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Where would you be if you had never been born. What if your mother decided to terminate the pregnancy? What if she thought she was not ready to have a family and you were never born? What then?

Each of us has a mother. Whether we have close relationships with them, adversarial, or our mothers are no longer living. Our mother carried us, gave us life and gave birth to us. 
She endured pain, suffering and hardship because of us, in some way. Instead of buying a new outfit, car or home, our mother’s did without. They cooked, cleaned, did laundry and kept us in line. Each one of us has our mother to thank for bringing us into this world so that we could shine, rise above and go beyond where our parents did. Every one of us learned something from our mothers. 

Mom and my sister-in-law Sue visiting on their way back from Hawaii

My mother was born in Ethelbert, Manitoba. Her mother died right after childbirth, before she was four years old. Her father committed suicide six months later. Her siblings wanted to stay together, which made it very difficult for any of them to be adopted. Raised in an orphanage until her grandmother finally decided to bring all five children to her tiny home, knew hardship well. 
With little money she played with fish instead of dolls, dressings them up in bits of cloth, pretending they were baby dolls. Her grandmother was a tough old bird, who took no nonsense from her charges. She was unloving, stiff and stoic. You can imagine with these hardships, that there was more to come. 
 Skipping over the worst, she and her sisters moved to Toronto, where they went to finishing school, learning to cook, sew and take care of a home. They all went to work very early. As a result my mother is an amazing cook, terrific seamstress and keeps her home clean. 
She gave up her spending money so that I could take piano lessons. She pushed me to write, seeing talent in me that I never did. Everyone of my siblings today is a great cook, avid gardener and still alive because of the healthy living she taught us. 
My father was an avid gardener. He grew all sorts of vegetables in our backyard. We had cherry trees, apple trees and lilac which bloomed in the spring. I remember being in elementary school, coming home for lunch and my mother had a beautiful vase of freshly picked lilacs on the dining room hutch. I still remember the way they smelled. No other lilacs had that fragrance, growing in Canada – they were a heady fragrance, strong, sweet and lovely.

At 92, my mother still lives alone, reads six books a week and plays cards with the ladies in her building. She is healthy, vibrant, strong. Although her driving skills scare me, she still manages to drive herself around. Her eyesight and health are very good. I have her genes, beauty and have learned so much from her. 
Our mothers did the best they could for us so that we could rise above, be better, be more intelligent, and go further than they did. They want the best for us. They taught us what relationships are all about. My parents were married for 49 years, just shy of their 50th anniversary. They loved each other. Their relationship was not perfect – who’s is? They stuck it out, side by side, helping each of us out when they could 
Without our mother’s where would we be. If your mother is still living, isn’t it time you gave her a call and forgave, loved and respected her for all she did for you?

Without the love of a mother, my mother, Veronica grew up feeling empty, less than, unloved. She still talks about the impact of not having a mother in her life. I can’t imagine what that would be like, can you?

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: Orgasm For Life. She is a hypnotherapist, Master energy healer, intuitive, mystic, and certified life coach. She is an amazing healer, using all her gifts to assist, empower and guide her clients to love themselves, live from their hearts and be happy. Her website is:  You can contact her directly through her e-mail: to speak to her about her work, an interview or private coaching program. 

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