Final Assignment

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Volunteering changes us. It opens our hearts and helps us to see what others are doing in a world different from ours. I am posting my daughter’s final assignment and essay about volunteering. Her insight is inspiring.

For the next few days, I will be traveling and caught up getting my daughter established in Colorado. Her 18th birthday is on Wednesday. I will return to my life here in California and regular writing on Friday. If I am able to post during my travels, I certainly will. Life inspires me to write. 

In the meantime, It is my hope that you will visit my website, my videos on You Tube and consider my group coaching program that begins on May 31st. My book will be launching soon. I hope you will purchase it on the first day and spread the word to make this a global best-seller, so that men and women will heighten their ecstasy and improve their sex lives, so that they are happier in their relationships. 

I am posting a photo of my daughter with her blue hair. Her current hair color. Many have judged her because of the color of her hair. It was a valuable lesson to me, to see how other’s view themselves. When we judge others we also are judgmental of ourselves. Remember to never judge a book by its cover, you might be surprised at it’s contents.
Ariel at the Renaissance Fair, May, 2014

Here is my daughter’s s Awesome essay.

Ariel Resuta

Credit 55/18/14Reflection EssayThroughout my experience of volunteering, I learned how to become more evolved in my community. I am always a hard worker when I am truly invested in the job I am doing; luckily for me, I absolutely love animals and books. The volunteering was indeed a fantastic way to get me out into the community; it was all in all a positive experience for my myself. I enjoyed working with other people, but I also enjoyed the time to myself; during the hours I was working at the library in Kern County. I tend to be reclusive at times when I am around new people, but for the time I spent volunteering I was very excited to work with new people. Although, it was mostly just a lone wolf kind of experience, I still enjoyed it. Unfortunately, working hard did come at a price. Boy, did my back ache from picking up those heavy books and bending over to place them on the shelves. I felt like such an old woman after I was finished, I needed an Advil. 

My supervisor had repeatedly told me that I could take breaks, but I continued to work through til the very end. Time flew by as I re shelved all of those books; I felt as if I wanted to read every book in that section. I was very interested in the task at hand, as was I at the horse rescue center. When I went to the Francis horse rescue in November it was still quite hot outside; I gave one of the horses an award winning bath. I, myself, have had four horses, eight dogs, and eight cats, in my lifetime and I have loved each and every one of them unconditionally throughout the years. I enjoy their company, just the animal’s present calms me down. Animals have become the center of my existence; they carry so much love within them, that it just passes through whomever they touch. At first I looked at this credit as just a requirement to graduate and now I see it for what it really was, a chance to make a slight difference within my community and myself. I had looked at this credit as the one dreadful thing holding me back from graduating and then I became aware that not doing the credit, would mean I was the one holding myself back. Don’t get me wrong, I am not exactly the librarian type but books and animals are a passion of mine, and I fully intend on continuing this passion of mine. 

Life is beautiful but it’s complicated, I did not want to learn anything from this volunteering experience, but I did. I have learned that anything worth having doesn’t come easy. Since the first week of freshman year, I couldn’t wait to be a senior with a whole lot of responsibility. I have reanalyzed my existence up until this point and wondered why I wanted to grow up so much. We as humans, always want to live in the future; most people can barley live in the present. I learned that I need to live in the now and when a problem presents itself I need to handle it right off, the bat instead of waiting until the last possible moment whilst freaking out. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to redeem my former qualities that had been long forgotten. 

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