Getting The Love You Want

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we search for love it alludes us. The way to find love is not what you would think at all. We have to stop. Stop searching, stop seeking, stop striving to be something we are not. The way to find real lasting love is to give it to yourself first. 

Looking for love outside of ourselves brings us more of what we don’t want. Cheaters, liars, emotionally unavailable partners. If you really want love, you have to give it to yourself first. Gandhi said, “Be the love you wish to have.” 

Be the love. Most people think they love themselves. In fact, most of the people I work with “think” they do. However, I hear over and over, “if he tells me, he loves me”…… “if she tells me I am okay, I’ll be okay.” No one can fill you up but you. No one can accept you totally but you. When you begin to love and accept yourself AS YOU ARE, not when you are perfect, or lose the 40 pounds, or are making X number of dollars! You have to love yourself totally now!

Wanting to do something about it? The first step is to buy my book. It is a funny look at us as humans, how we communicate, or don’t effectively, how we don’t tell each other what we want – yet expect our partners to intuitively know. This book will raise your energy, yes sexual energy, it will raise your awareness of how you think, feel and communicate, so that you and your husband, partner, lover can have effective, loving communication. This book will help spice up the most passive of relationships.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Not finding what you long for, buy my book. There is information in it for you. Do you have issues with sexual dysfunction. Buy my book. Men and women have sexual dysfunction. If you can’t have an orgasm, or have difficulty with erection, or find it is over before love-making has barely begun, buy my book! After you purchase it, please leave a review on Amazon for others to see how you felt about it. I appreciate your purchase. You will be getting over 40 years of experience, experimentation and wisdom in 276 pages, of fun, guidance filled with respect and compassion for you. Thank you for buying my book.

More about Orgasm For Life

You know those Scientific Journals filled with research data from sterile laboratories? This isn’t one of those. Written from personal experience, Jennifer’s data was collected between the sheets. Her candid, honest style draws you into her bedroom sharing over 40 years of passion, experimentation and insight. Healing sexual dysfunction is Jennifer’s passion. “Sexy, passionately written, and inspiring.” If Orgasm for Life doesn’t turn you on, while igniting the passion in your relationship, it’s time for an EKG!

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