Living Life Fully Expressed

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Why would you want an orgasm for your life? 

What if the greatest sex ever, was not you getting off, but giving to another instead. What if the greatest satisfaction you can feel is the joy of knowing your partner had an amazing time touching you, kissing you and being held by you. What if you could feel this good every day – even when you are not having sex? Buy The Book Now!

I used to be negative, a glass is half-empty kind of girl. I complained about my friends, parents and husbands (yes, plural I was a very slower learner). I used to dwell on what I didn’t do, what I did do that wasn’t good enough and long for the future, when I was sure to be happy. The weird thing is that when I stopped looking over my shoulder at the past, beating myself up for my stupidity and flakiness…… I began to live in the present. I began to enjoy life more. I didn’t miss everything that was going on. I began to show up. Not only did I show up, I began to be ON TIME! This was a huge thing for someone with huge control issues. 

Why We Control Others

Did you know the reason we control others is because we are afraid. We attempt to control our environment and other people, usually because we are afraid they will leave us. I have heard some men tell me that they will not tell their wife of 36 years that she is beautiful, because they are afraid she will go off and schtup some other guy. That is Yiddish for the horizontal mambo.  Can you imagine having such fear that a woman who has been married to you for 36 years, would leave you if you told her she was beautiful? This blows my mind. Men, tell your wife, lover, partner that she/he is beautiful! Women, tell your man, lover, partner that they are gorgeous. That they turn you on. That they smell good. We all want to be loved and accepted. Of course, we have to love and accept ourselves first. (Yes, I do digress, not really). 

When we feel inept, or insecure, we tend to live in fear. We fear we aren’t good enough. We fear our penis is too small, or won’t work. (I don’t but some do). We fear that we are too fat, our stomach is saggy, or we look old. We fear that our partner’s won’t accept us when we are at our worst. We fear that our partner won’t love us when they find out who we truly are. (Some people’s worst fear.) 

When you are authentic – transparent and honest about who you are, you don’t wonder what you have told to whom. You can relax. You can be yourself. Ahhhh! Inner peace and joy results. The joy of being authentically you. This is what I delight in helping my clients achieve. Did you know that the more you love yourself and accept yourself, the more easily you will have an orgasm – women?

Men, when you love yourself and accept yourself completely, you don’t have to suck in your gut – although most women prefer men with a six pack….. we know we don’t necessarily have the perfect models’ body either. Loving and accepting ourselves means we are comfortable in our own skin. Being with your partner becomes an art form, moving together, in unison, in synch, where sex becomes a spiritual experience rather than just banging body parts together. This is what an orgasm for life is. Living life to the fullest, authentically as you are. Being true to yourself, grounded in the present, in joy for being fully alive.

An orgasm for your life, could mean that you are fully alive breathing in the gift of life and enjoying life for all that it has to offer. What a kick that is! I know. It is what I do! I love you guys. Thank you for buying my book. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for sharing my posts. This book needs to get out into the world. Share it with whoever you feel might be interested. Thank you.

You make it worth while. 

Jennifer is not your average life, love and sex coach. She is a hypnotherapist, Master energy healer, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, channel, Mystic and Spiritual mentor. She is an ordained minister. She performs weddings and funerals. She helps men and women heal sexual dysfunction, insecurities and codependency. Living life to the fullest is what Jennifer can help you do. Happiness is an inside job. It is not a relationship, a dress, or a car. It is a way of life. Her website is:  To schedule a private session you can do so through her e-mail:

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