My Deceased Ex-Husband Talks To Me

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have seen and heard spirits
since I was a young child

From the time I was a young girl, I saw spirits and talked to them. Until I let them know they were not welcome in my home, they visited me often. 

For those of you who have worked with me in private coaching session, or have had an Akashic Record reading with me, you have experienced the way intuitive information comes in to me. Then I pass this information on in my coaching sessions.
I have had spirits on the “other side,” actually speak to me, or stand behind me when I am talking to a client, or sometimes move things around in my home environment.
Five years ago this past May, my ex-husband asked me about a tooth abscess. I told him that it had left his gum line, but that it had traveled to his heart. I also told him that if he didn’t get some stronger antibiotics it could cause his death. Within a month and a on July 4th, he enjoyed dinner out with co-workers and went to bed. He meditated as he fell asleep, smiling and crossing his arms over his chest. He never woke up. He was 52. Since his death (although he insists he is not dead) he has communicated with me on a daily basis. I have tried to send him off to the light, but he prefers to be close. He raps one time on the closet door in my office, to let me know he is here. He also shows up in Walmart when I am shopping. Rich did not take the divorce well. He always felt we would get back together and kept trying long after my No’s became vehement.
I feel many of us are given the opportunity to exit this life. Some of us don’t choose to go. I had one such opportunity last May after I found a breast lump. I was taken down a tunnel of light when I was sleeping. I thought maybe I was being shown something….  When I realized this was no joke, and I was GOING! I said in my dream, “What about Ariel? She just lost her father, she needs her mother!” I was backed out of the tunnel so fast and woke up feeling quite disoriented. I chose to stay. I feel that Rich regrets his choice – taking the “easy way out.” He feels he has missed so much and will continue to do so. Since he has regrets about leaving, he continues to “message me” in his twisted way.
What you have to understand is that Rich had quite the sense of humor. He showed up in my dream one night doing something a dead ex-husband shouldn’t be doing to an ex-wife! I woke up with a start and yelled at him, in my mind that it wasn’t funny! He thought it was. I demanded that he NEVER do that again. Yes, spirits can do that – although it isn’t funny for us.
Rich had gone to school to be a physical education teacher. He was an avid runner and worked out regularity. He also loved his ice cream. He had a motto, never eat carbs after 6:00 PM. He had other too, but this one is germane to the story.
Since that time, whenever I am in the bread aisle at Walmart he throws packages off the shelves at me. The first time it happened I was buying bagels for my daughter, Ariel. She liked the little blueberry bagels, that were of course, more expensive. While I was looking at the other bagels on the shelves, a large package of regular sized blueberry bagels flew off the shelf and landed out in the middle of the aisle. Rich said, distinctly, “Buy these, they are less expensive.” I bought them, and Ariel wouldn’t eat them. She preferred the small bagels.

The second time, I experienced flying carbohydrates at Walmart, I was looking at black tea. I was trying to decide which one would taste better. I spent a long time reading packages and noticed two women across the aisle visiting from the UK. They commented to me that all our bread has sugar in it. I agreed that was the American way, make even the healthy things bad for us.

While we were talking, a package of low-fat thin sandwich rounds flew off the shelf, narrowly missing one woman’s head. Rich’s comment this time was, “Your ass is fat! Eat this stuff. I commented, off-handedly, “My dead ex-husband liked to play games with me while I am in the bread aisle at Walmart. Their eyebrows raised. One woman added, “That is an interesting way to communicate.” The British are quite used to haunting.
There have been other occurrences with Rich, since his passing. The most important message for those of you who have lost someone dear, is that personality comes through very loud and clear. Rich communicates with me as he did when he had a physical body. He has the same twisted caustic humor.
Rich Resuta with daughter, Ariel
The most recent experience I had with turbo charged flying carbohydrates was when I was talking with a woman right after Ariel graduated. We were standing just outside the bead aisle. As we talked, she said her granddaughter had graduated also. As soon as she began talking about her granddaughter, a package of tortillas flew off the shelf just three feet to my left. She noticed the package flying by itself, but didn’t acknowledge it. Ariel liked to eat Quesadillas for lunch. Tortillas and cheese made a very easy meal for her – hence the tortillas. Rich was saying, “Get some of these for Ariel.” The bread that flew off the shelves always had something to do with our daughter, with an additional message to boot.
When I asked for my gifts to show up completely, I was told I would see all, not just the good stuff, but the negative things as well. Some of this can be quite fun, if you allow it to be. Often when I do readings for people, their loved ones show up. I have seen women with rings on, dancing or singing. When I described these to my clients they confirmed that those characteristics matched that of their loved ones.
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Jennifer is a Mystic, channel and powerful intuitive. 

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