Loving People Live in A Loving World

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

How we view the world and feel about ourselves is what colors our world. When we are filled with love of ourselves, we reflect this love out into the world. Whatever we think about is what we

become. Our thoughts inside of us, create, whether we focus on positive or negative.

If we are filled with resentment, we will draw to us and experience others who are resentful and negative. 

There was a turning point in my life after my third marriage ended,  I created The Relationship Matrix. When I looked at each of my relationships, and all the commonality in them, I had a huge Aha moment. I recognized that I was the common denominator in all of my relationships! 

When I chose to be happy in my life, everything changed. It did not happen overnight, but gradually, I changed my thoughts from negative and judgmental to positive and accepting. I became responsible for my thoughts, my health and all that I create. I stopped blaming others. I trained my mind to think positive thoughts. The more loving I became towards myself, the less I tried to control others actions. In the process of loving me, I let go of fear, hatred, manipulation and control. The former neediness and denial I had also diminished. I became more compassionate with myself and certainly with others as well. 

When I was needy I attracted men who lied and cheated on me. What I did not realize at that time, was that I was in denial about how I really felt about myself. I was in denial about my self hatred. I was in denial about how little I thought of myself. This denial attracted men who also lied – but to me. 

When we begin to be authentic, honest with ourselves and others and stop trying to be what others want us to be, we step into our true selves. Choosing to love ourselves rather than criticize and condemn, we begin to love and accept ourselves. Eventually, we become self actualized.

Knowing the amazing changes that occurred in my life when I really took stock of my life and all that had happened, I realized that I created it all. All my unconscious beliefs about myself created the negativity I was living. I attracted men that were abusive because of long-standing issues of self hatred and low self esteem. They just reflected back to me how I felt about myself. I knew that I could help others change their lives, like I did from that of negativity, depression and being small. 

Every moment we have is an opportunity. Each relationship we have teaches us more about ourselves. When we begin to look at the lesson we have learned, we also are able to recognize the gift. Within this world, the energy of The Divine flows through everyone and everything. Life, is meant to be one of joy, happiness and passion. How we choose to live, think and feel is what changes our perspective and the outcome in our own microcosm. We are each unique and infinite beings. Our imagination is our greatest gift. We are all capable of greatness. Learning to ignore the naysayers, and live the life you have imagined, you will meet with your success. 

Today, I live in a loving, happy, vibrant, world, from a place of passion. This passion that I have to help men and women learn to communicate from a place of love, with understanding and compassion. This burning desire drives me forward to write, speak, coach and teach others to love themselves fearlessly. When we love and accept ourselves and no longer judge or criticize ourselves and others, we  create happy vibrant lives. 

Each one of us has a soul purpose. To live from a fearless place, in love in the moment. Permanent happiness is possible, when you turn your focus inward.

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