Living Pain Free

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was negative and self condemning, I suffered from sickness, Fibromyalgia, auto immune disorders, insomnia and body pain. I was sick often, depressed and had no idea that my thoughts were making me that way. It was not until I began to love myself completely (even those parts that aren’t perfect- and yes, I do have them….. ) that I was then able to look back and recognize that I was pain free. All my illness, depression, insomnia and illness took care of itself when I stopped being negative, thinking negative thoughts, loved and accepted me, as I was. 

Loving and accepting yourself has nothing to do with being perfect, or striving for perfection. I know I am not perfect and am fine with that. I recognize my faults and flaws, I just lovingly accept them. One of my son’s friends expressed frustration with me for being openly accepting of my faults – she was angered that I wasn’t striving to be ultimate perfection. Instead I was okay with having ADD. 

Today, I continue to live pain free. I had a conversation today with a man who is literally half my age. His knees hurt, his elbows ache and he has pain throughout his body. Most people would look at me and say, “Well sure you don’t have pain – you have never worked hard a day in your life!” That’s not true. I owned and operated For Heaven Scapes, Ltd in Atlanta, Georgia, from July 1st, 2001 till October, 2011. During that time, I

loaded sod, equipment, raked, shoveled, cut, trimmed, pruned, mowed, designed and installed hundreds of clients’ landscapes, working harder than most, but not all of my men. I lifted bales of pine straw, bags of fertilizer, and loaded my trailer all by myself every day. I usually unloaded it alone as well, at the end of the day. I worked harder than most men for eleven years. 

I had commercial properties and residential properties. I was on the job every day, running the crew, planning, installing and working. I was not an absentee business owner. I worked in all kinds of weather, the hot horribly humid summers of Atlanta as well as the cold. I bent, on my knees, working hard.
The reason I am pain free is because I think loving thoughts about myself. I do not beat myself up any longer. When we think acid thoughts we create acidity in the body. An acid environment creates an environment for disease. Letting go of these negative thoughts alkalizes the body. The pain in the joints diminishes, until it is completely gone. I am not the raging negative and critical person I used to be. Instead, I speak my truth, compassionately and lovingly. I feel my emotions fully, rather than stuff them. I am respectful of myself and others. On top of running a landscape business, I took care of a green cemetery and the10 acres that I lived on. 
It is possible to live pain free into your Golden Years. Here is how I do it.
  1. Wake at 5:30 AM. Say prayers of Gratitude for being alive, vibrantly healthy and having work that I love to do every day. I say prayers for my clients, expressing my gratitude for them.
  2. Drink a large glass of alkaline water.
  3. Make my coffee. Yes, I drink coffee, because I like it. I always bless everything that I eat or drink. No sugar. Just some half and half. 
  4. Feed my cats and dogs, give the kittens their bottles. Then drive out into the desert where it is quiet and walk in silence for an hour. I leave my cell phone in my car. I envision my book Orgasm For Life as a Global best seller, every day. I give thanks that it is so.
  5. Drive back home, thanking The Universe for all that is happening – new radio interviews, meeting a literary agent by chance (ha ha ) today. The additional likes on FaceBook, my new clients, great feedback on my book.
  6. Eat breakfast. Either oatmeal with coconut milk and almonds, or two eggs cooked in coconut oil with with sauteed kale, curry and Indian spices (no breads or bacon).
  7. Write my blog. I usually get ideas while walking in the desert. Writing is one of my joys. I love it. I do my best to write something every day. Post my blog to FaceBook, Linked In, Twitter and Google. 
  8. Begin doing sessions with my clients. In between clients do clearings for phone clients and those who come through the Internet. Giving back to The Universe creates good karma for me. I do charity work for some.
  9. Call my kids, one of my brothers or my mother. Find out what is happening in their lives. Check in with my friends in between clients. Relationships are important to me. I stay in touch with family on a regular basis. My kids and I share a close but balanced relationship.
  10. I usually have two more meals during the day between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM. 
  11. Go to bed when I can’t keep my eyes opened. Say prayers of Gratitude before falling asleep. Do Ascension Attitudes, fall asleep before I get to the third sphere. (This is a process of meditation I have been doing since 2007. It quieted the mind for me.) I do Ascension every day.
  12. Sleep till I wake up at 5:30 AM.
I NEVER cook in the microwave. I stopped using a microwave to cook foods almost 20 years ago. Microwaves kill foods. Try this experiment. Take plain water. Heat it up to high. Let it cool and water a plant with it. Do this whenever you water and your plant will die. The Microwave action kills whatever it heats up. Please don’t torture your plants…..  just heat and cook foods on top of the stove or in your oven.
I was asked to add what I DO EAT.
veggies lots of them – raw and cooked
kale, raw and sauteed
brussel sprouts
cabbage – raw and cooked
beets on occasion
raw – salads
lots of avocado – one a day
Dakon radish
red radishes
sweet potatoes with cinnamon – cocoanut oil and coconut shredded
ginger – raw on salmon
strawberries in small amounts – too acidic
peaches in small amounts – they heat the body up and cause acidity
chicken very rarely as it is highly processed and heats up the body
organic or free range chicken is best
turkey on occasion
salmon weekly
tofu – used to but stopped = creates estrogen in body and GMO
beef hardly ever – grass fed 
almond butter rarely
honey on occasion

What I don’t do


  1. Don’t eat cheese, pizza or drink soda.
  2. Don’t eat sugar, carbohydrates like regular breads, cookies and all processed foods.
  3. I do not eat fast food at all. Haven’t in almost 20 years.
  4. Never consume anything with high fructose.
  5. Stopped eating ice cream and pie…..  have more energy!
  6. Do not microwave food or beverages.
  7. Don’t sit around for hours on end in front of the television.
  8. Don’t read the newspaper or watch the news. I stopped reading the paper over 20 years ago. I stopped watching the news when Princess Diana was murdered. 
  9. Don’t believe everything I read or hear. I check in with my internal guidance and feel whether what I am hearing is the truth or not.
  10. I don’t complain, bitch or moan about life’s events.
  11. I don’t gossip about others.
  12. I don’t blame anyone for anything that is occurring in my life. I take personal responsibility for what is happening.
  13. I don’t push my energy to make things happen. I go with the flow. I ask The Universe to step in and assist with big projects – like making my book a Global Best Seller! I can’t do this alone.
  14. I will take another walk in the evening or go to the fitness club and swim several times a week.
  15. I appreciate the cashier, car wash attendant and all I encounter. I use their names when I can see them.
  16. I revel in the beauty of life and the planet appreciating 
  17. I laugh at my ridiculous self; how I often make things much harder than they need to be and laugh at myself often. 
  18. I might have 1 beer once a year, more if I feel I want to. Drinking alcohol is not something that I do often. I had a case of beer in my fridge for over 2 years.
  19. I am not opposed to the occasional marijuana use for others. For me – it just doesn’t work. Marijuana impedes my connection to God. It throws my body off and my aura gets dingy and yucky. It creates holes in the aura which allow attachments in. Steady use allows the bigger attachments that use the letter “D.” Although I grew up through the 60’s and 70’s daily use of a substance is an addiction folks. Let’s just be clear. Marijuana can heighten sexual experiences and help a woman get beyond one orgasm more easily. This is true. I just don’t recommend getting intoxicated with any substance. Small doses. 1 glass of wine on occasion. 1 toke on occasion.  If you have to have it everyday – its ______(that’s right everyone – addiction!) It is just not for me.
I play music on occasion, but prefer my house to be quiet. I connect better without a lot of distractions. However, on occasion I will put on Pandora and listen to either Journey and other similar artists from the late 70s to 80s, or play an Indian chanting station and listen to Satnam Kaur and others like her.

Supplements I Take

Everyone is different. Digestion for many is difficult these days because our food does not contain the enzymes it used to. I take enzymes to help digest my food better. My vitamins are anti-aging and high quality. If your vitamins are hard, pressed and sound like concrete when you shake the jar, just know that you are only getting about 10% of the vitamin. I recommend either soft gels, or capsules that contain powder. Which is the case with vitamins by Pharmanex. At night I take Magnesium. It takes care of restless leg syndrome – without having to take a chemical and helps with elimination (you know your morning constitutional). If you are not moving your bowels after each meal, take Magnesium. Food needs to be processed out – otherwise your body becomes toxic holding waste inside too long.

I drink alkaline water (when I can). Pure, clean water without chlorine, and fluoride is important. Fluoride shuts down the pineal gland which helps with intuition, becoming enlightened and being God Realized.

Life-Pak Nano By Pharmanex – vitamins for the “older crowd”
Vitality ageloc By Pharmanex
Digest More Enzymes before a meal
Adrenal Fatigue Fighter (on occasion)
Vitamin D3
Magnesium at night – I have no sleep problems

Other Spiritual Activities
I meditate sometimes in the desert with my dogs. If it is too hot early in the day, I will come back and meditate, most days, but don’t when I don’t feel like it. 
My work by nature is Spiritual. I put good karma in my karma bank every day. I pick up trash and bottles in the desert and on the street when I see them. I have adopted strays that have been abandoned. Life is good. My daughter moved out two weeks ago, and I am reveling in the peace, and solitude in my home. It is far better than I ever imagined. 
My life gets better every day. I focus on the positive and more positive flows. I listen to the guidance I receive, trust it and follow what I am told. This guidance has brought me new clients, 4 little kittens a Chuweenie (puppy), saved my truck and trailer from complete decimation (just to name a few) as well as helping me create my new book, Orgasm For Life. 
I no longer fight or ignore God, or my guides. I have aligned my will with The Divine. I do what is asked of me. I know I am rewarded for my trust. I feel full, complete and passionate each and every day. I love how my life is unfolding and I sleep peacefully at night.
Part of my healthy body is moving, walking and talking to God out in the desert. This week I am traveling to Boulder, Colorado to work and see some of my old clients, friends and family. I will take time off to sit in a hot tub under the stars, play ping pong with my kids and generally enjoy myself. I work very hard on my business, but also have the ability to stop and relax as well.
I know who I am, what makes me happy and do what I love often. I take trips often, traveling to places I love. I spend time out in nature when away from home. When I walk I do not listen to headphones or have an ear piece in my ear. I disconnect from the outer world and go inside. I listen to the wild meanderings of my heart and follow them whenever I can. My life is far from mundane, yet it is simple. I have few belongings. I have let go of those pieces, articles and photos that do not bring me joy or peace.
I am at peace with myself and God. I love my life. My work fulfills me. I am perfectly fine alone. I do not long for other’s company, nor do I feel alone, or lonely. I can enjoy myself with a crowd or another couple. I am in harmony with my world. This inner harmony has created harmony in my outer world as well. I have great connections with those people I encounter and live in the moment now.
This week I am traveling to Boulder, Colorado. If you would like to see me in person you can connect with me through my e-mail below. I am doing Akashic Record Consultations and working on my third book. 

Jennifer is the author of Orgasm For Life. She will be on BlogTalk radio on Tuesday evening in Atlanta with Shaneetha Akinlana on The Love Doctor. You can find the link by googling The Love Doctor Blogtalk radio. Jennifer’s website is : http://www.JenniferElizabethMasters   You can reach her via e-mail HERE 




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