Become A Power Manifestor

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You could call me a Power Manifestor. I have been known to get what I ask for on the same day. You can too. Our thoughts create. Your thoughts create. Every thought you think radiates out into the Universe and zings out there bringing you back exactly what you are thinking about.  What does this have to do with sex and relationships? Everything! Get what you want, the love you want, the partner you want, the sex you want….  the life you want, it’s how I live my life every day. If I can do it, so can you! We create with our thoughts, so why not create success, a zen-like environment and a Global Best Seller….   Thank you Universe in advance. I don’t know how you will do it, but I KNOW it will happen. I consider it DONE! (Here is the link to my podcast about Delegating To The Universe: How To Be A Power Manifestor Click HERE)

I left this:

So why do you not get what you want? How do others get what they ask for when they only ask once? Some of us (I used to do this) think negative thoughts as 

For this! 

Where I sat and had my coffee this morning

a matter of course. We are so busy in our heads, that we don’t realize what we are thinking. Take a journal around with you all day – just one day. Write down every thought you think. Every thought….. Then sit down and count how many of them were negative. You only need to do this exercise once to recognize what is going on in your conscious mind is the thoughts you are aware of. The unconscious mind works automatically – it needs to be reprogrammed. This can be done. I can help you with hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and programming an anchor in your body. This works like a charm. It usually only takes one or two sessions. I charge $300 for this work, as it will change your life and it is only one session. Or you can continue to struggle to try and do it on your own. The choice is yours.

When we are riddled with self doubt, lack of confidence and lack of faith, you will not be able to manifest. If you send out your rocket of desire out into the Universe and you pull it back, saying I just want to add this, or I just want to make sure you have it right – Universe…. you will not get what you want. You have to let it go and KNOW without a doubt that it is DONE!

How did I get three weeks at a beautiful home, with beautiful perennial gardens, in my favorite place to be – Boulder, Colorado for FREE!??? A beautiful garden, hammock swinging in a beautiful setting, hot tub, pool table, and a coffee maker that I need to take a weekend workshop to figure out? 


Join me tonight for my weekly podcast, where I will share all the secrets to manifesting what you want effortlessly and easily. Yes there is a catch. You have to be in faith. You have to know without a doubt that it will happen. I can help you with that too. Because I was not always a believer in this stuff. I suffered endlessly in lack, limitation and misery. Believe me, I have had it all and lost it three times. I understand misery and suffering. Now, I choose to live in BLISS and JOY. I am having so much more fun with my life doing so. 

This is where I am taking a nap today
For those of you who don’t believe me, or those who want to know and understand more, call in to my podcast or listen to the replay. 
The call in number tonight and every Wednesday is:
(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401#     
 8:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM MTN 5:00 PM PST 
The replay is:
(605) 475-4099 PIN 939401#

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered listening to my podcast, either because you feel it isn’t for you, or you can learn this on your own, I will give you a few pointers here.
First of all, The Universe, Creator, The Divine, is ALWAYS and in EVERY WAY, working for your highest and best good. You might not get what you WANT – because it is not in your highest and best good at that time, or you would squander and lose it, because you don’t have personal respect or respect for money. We all have to be good stewards of our money. We have to be grateful for what we DO HAVE. Look at yourself and your life. If you complain about what is going on now, you have only yourself to blame. Your thoughts yesterday created your life today. It takes a little time to shift your thoughts to positive all the time. It takes practice. It takes perseverance. You can’t give up after a day or two and say, “This isn’t working!” 

This is where I will enjoy dinner with my adult children
Practice Practice Practice!
Changing your thoughts from condemnation, judgment and negativity to positive loving thoughts all day long every day, takes time. It takes practice. It can be done. I did it. I used to be very negative. I could not go a minute without criticising myself and others. 
Change Your Thoughts Change Your World
This is not bullshit people! This really works. If you think and believe negative things, negative things will happen to you. When you think positive thoughts, loving thoughts, good things happen to you and for you. Life takes on a brighter look, feel and experience. Things begin to happen without you doing anything, but thinking them. Yes, we still have to do our work. Yes, we still have to do our day job. But eventually, things begin to come out of the sky into your lap, like this house sitting job in Boulder, Colorado.
I had wondered how I could stay in Boulder, Colorado for an extended time, without the expense of a hotel. I used to stay with my friend Leslie, but she got a boarder in her spare room, like so many people are doing today. I was grateful for the times I was able to stay with her. Leslie sent me an e-mail out of the blue about a potential house-sitting job for someone on her tennis team in Boulder, Colorado.
I responded immediately, thinking that this would be good for my son. Typical mother always thinking about her kids first. Then Whammo! The Universe sent me a clear message – This is for YOU! So I responded back and said, I wanted the house sitting position for myself and I was not sure how, but I knew I would swing it.

This is where I had a Skype session with a client this morning
Even though my daughter was going to start college and move into her dorm a week after the house sitting gig ended, I knew she would be able to handle the move in part. I would be in Colorado to support her until July 4th. 
I had questions. I wondered if they had a nice zen-like environment. I wondered if I would have to clean the house. I wondered if they had a beautiful yard? I love to garden and miss it in the desert. I wondered how would my older dog, Karma handle another female dog? She was not good with females. Then of course, there was the matter of my little puppy, Yoda. I was not sure how the people I was going to house sit for would feel about me bringing TWO dogs to their home. Then was the matter of my own cats. I had never left them alone for three whole weeks before. I had only left them for one week at a time. How would they be? How could I find someone to take care of them for that long a period? If I had to pay someone to take care of my cats for 21 days that could be expensive. I wondered how I could get my cats sat for FREE? 

This is where my kids and I will enjoy a soak and catch up AHH a hot tub!
All these questions, me wondering to the Universe were answered. The puppy was not a problem. When I found the kittens in the desert two weeks ago, my neighbor from next door asked if she could assist with them. I was delighted to have the help. She and I bonded over the kittens. I got to know her better. We became friends through the care-giving of the kittens. She mentioned to me that her daughter might be able to stay at my home, as a trial for her going away to college in the fall. She could take care of my house and the cats, while also taking care of the kittens while I was gone. 
Every question I asked was answered, in a more positive way than I ever thought possible. When we ask questions like, “I wonder how ________________ could happen? The Universe sends us the answer.
How Do I DO IT?
  1. Have a clear vision of what you want, without attachment to people, places and things. 
  2. Feel the emotion you would feel by having your desire fulfilled. Try on the dress, drive in the car (in your mind), be in the house of your dreams making morning coffee, or sitting on the back deck.
  3. Know that The Universe will deliver something way better than you could ever imagine so let it go and stop thinking you need to “handle it, ” or “change it,” or “add something else.”
  4. Let it go! Release it. Know that you don’t know when or how it will manifest, but know it will be done. 
  5. Say THANK YOU! Allow The Divine and The Universe to do the orchestration. 
Win-Win Situations Are BEST!
There are a lot of things that have to happen. The best manifestations are win-win situations like my house-sitting job. The people I am house-sitting for got an animal lover and ex-landscaper with a penchant for perennial gardens, who longed to be in Boulder for the summer. They got their animals taken care of by a loving person, and for FREE! They benefitted as well.
Jennifer is an author of the new Global Best Seller: Orgasm For Life. This book is guaranteed to turn you on, help you have better, more meaningful connections and sex with your partner. It will help you come to a better understanding of what your partner needs and how to give it to them. It may even help you feel better about yourself and help you understand that you are perfectly NORMAL! If you are not able to have orgasms, this book will help you get there, with clear direct instructions.
Jennifer interviewed hundreds of men and women for this book. She discovered what makes married men cheat, what makes women fake it and why the women at the Sally Beauty Supply store are not happy with their macho men husbands.
Jennifer is also a teacher, life and sex coach and sex educator. She is open-hearted, direct and compassionate. She will also light a fire under your ass and get you out of your comfort zone so that you can live your life in passion and love, rather than boredom and the doldrums. You can hire Jennifer for private sessions, through her e-mail. She does a free session to begin with to discuss your issue and see if you are a good fit for her programs. Not everyone is. 

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