Buyer Beware: Hiring A Coach

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There are thousands of coaches in the United States. It is one of the fastest growing professions today. As with any profession there are those who are great at what they do and then there are the others. Many people are in coaching because they are still trying to heal themselves. Recognizing who you are hiring and why is important. Having an intention in mind prior to hiring a coach will help you. Make sure you hire a coach who is certified and do your due diligence.


If you have been reading my blog and wonder what working with me might be like, here is the low down. 

Who Do I Work With?

I work with people committed to heal, grow and evolve. I help people who want their lives to improve. I help people recognize the power that they have, the beauty within and who they truly are. I help people connect with their High Selves, live each day fully, feeling happy with who they are, happy with their lives and happy with what they are doing. If you don’t want to heal, evolve, recognize the beauty within, live each day in joy and happiness or don’t want your life to improve, don’t hire me.

How Do I Help People Heal?
I don’t know when it happened, but a while back, I became aware that I triggered people’s issues. Some people call me a catalyst for healing. I can’t stop being a catalyst pushing up your issues, anymore than I could stop breathing, it is part of me. When clients talk to me, their issues just come up. It is not that I do anything, it just happens. It is one of my healing gifts. 
Sometimes when a client in extremely codependent and sitting in victimhood, they blame me for the way they feel. I am no more responsible for your emotions than anyone else is. Part of healing is that you take responsibility for your life, your actions and your emotions. Healing is a responsible act. 
Everyone has hot buttons or triggers. These triggers are from an event long ago. As long as the trigger exists, you will continue to react with emotion when that button is pushed. One of my gifts is helping you to heal the triggers. I have many different ways that I do this. I can use Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming or Spiritual Response Therapy, among other things. It does not matter if one way does not work for you, I have many other tools in my large tool box to help you move through this challenge. Everyone is unique. There is not a cookie cutter fix – that I use for everyone. Even when people are dealing with sexual issues, I find that the source of the pain and suffering is lack of self love. 
Sometimes, something happens in a session that causes your emotions to surface. As a matter of fact, when you work with me, you can count on it. If you don’t want to feel, cry, or emote, you may not want to work with me. What happens though, when you allow emotions to move is that you move out of depression, insomnia and anxiety. Body ailments heal naturally and you enjoy life much more.
My Promise
I  promise to accept you as you are, with all your faults and foibles. I am very good at what I do. However, I am not perfect either. If you are looking for a perfect coach, it is not me. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes I am on the road and have to change an appointment because of a book tour, or working with clients in another community. I promise to do the best I can to assist you in every session. I am very good at what I do. I cut to the chase and have the innate ability to get to the source of your issues quickly. I cannot promise that you won’t cry. I cannot promise you that you won’t feel. What I will promise you is that you will begin to find that your anxiety, depression, mind chatter, negativity, unworthiness will lesson as time goes on. By the third session, most people are amazed at how different they feel about themselves and their lives. What I am not good at is taking the blame for your feelings and your emotions.  
I do not judge you. I expect the same of my clients. I do not blame you. I expect the same of my clients. I am not the cause of your pain or suffering. I am here to help you grow and evolve. Without emotions moving there is no forward movement in your life. Know that crying won’t kill you. It will help to release tension, stress and feel good hormones in your body. When you begin to work with me, it is like popping a cork on a champagne bottle. Once the bottle is opened, there is no turning back – only looking at yourself in the most loving way and having the life you have always dreamed about.
You Found Me
I have found that most people that come to me, find me because of the fact that I have healed my lack of self esteem, sexual dysfunction and worthiness issues. Having someone who has been where you are can be of great help to you. Although I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Energy Healer, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner….  and other things, I did not learn how to love myself through a book. I tried many different things and what I use I know works. Whether you just want to become more authentic, confident or loving of yourself, or whether you are looking for that dynamite relationship of your life, I can help you with both. 
I read a slew of books about natural healing, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhism, Hinduism, psychology and emotional issues. I did this work myself. Deep emotional release, soul retrieval and healing of soul fragments that happen when we are traumatized as children. Whether it is sexual abuse, rape, or emotional abuse, I have experienced it all and am compassionate and understanding, while being direct. I won’t molly coddle you. I will push you to a higher level of radiating your amazing light out into the world. I will encourage and cheer you on when you discover something new, or heal an issue. I am in your corner.
How Does Being A Channel and Intuitive Help YOU?
Since I became enlightened in 2012, I have been in direct contact with Universal energy, The Divine Mind, my guides, my clients’ guides and the angels. I hear clearly. I do not stifle, misconstrue, or misdirect those messages. I give them to you as I receive them, without my filters, without changing what I hear. As quickly as those messages come in – they are gone. Channeling is like that. These are not my thoughts, so I cannot hang onto them. I often forget what I have told you in session, because I was channeling a message for you.
These messages are for you. No one knows better what you need and what your issues are than The Divine. This information is loving, direct and kind. The Divine and The Universe is always and in every way working FOR YOU! 
Already Healed
Yes I have credentials up the wazoo. But credentials aren’t worth a flick if you haven’t already healed yourself. Many coaches are still struggling with self esteem and trying to be happy with themselves. In 2012, I became self actualized and enlightened. Okay, you don’t care about buzz words – good for you. I am not crazy about them either. 
What Does That Mean For You?
Being self actualized means I no longer need outside validation. I already have it within me, I know who I am. I am happy with me. I am connected with The Divine. I am grounded, life affirming and confident with who I am. I am not egotistical, arrogant or rude. My delivery is always compassionate, caring and direct. I don’t beat around the bush and I don’t waste time. It does not mean I don’t have emotions. I do. When my emotions come up – I express them fully. I don’t stuff them. I am not longer concerned what others think about me. You needn’t worry about what others think of you either. You will enjoy life so much more when you let go of this, it is a huge waste of energy and time. 
It is none of your business what others think about you.
What I expect of YOU
I am present with you during our sessions. I expect you to not take other calls, rush around or walk while you are talking to me. I expect you to do the homework assignments each week. Without follow-up work a coaching session does not implement the work in your daily life. You must to the homework. 
I also expect you to dig deep. I expect when an issue comes up, that you will walk towards it. I will guide you through it. I will be there with you. When you resist doing homework or moving towards your issues, you stay stuck in suffering. When you hire me, you are signifying to the Universe and The Divine that you are here to work. You are signifying that you have committed to heal your life and love and accept yourself unconditionally. You can’t do that by telling me you don’t want to deal with your issues. I might allow you to shelve an issues for one week. I will revisit the same issue the following week. If you refuse to move through the issue the third week, I will let you go as my client. 
I value my time and yours. However, if you don’t want to do the work, I cannot work with you. I am not being a bitch about this, I am telling you what my limits and boundaries are. My commitment is to move you forward out of pain, suffering, dysfunction, addiction, and codependency. You absolve me of my commitment by telling me you don’t want to look at your stuff. I will lovingly let you go. Should you choose to return to me as a client, you will sign a document that you are committed to do the work. After signing the document, you will be limited to one “walk” or glide through an issue. The following week you have to suck it up and walk through. I assure you, your standing on the dark side of your issues is much more painful and difficult than walking through to the side of happiness, peace and calm.
Sexual Healing
Don’t be surprised if we work on self love issues, if you have some type of sexual dysfunction, like erectile dysfunction or HTP – Hair Trigger Penis or inability to orgasm. Erectile dysfunction is often from low self esteem – worrying about size, or worrying will my equipment work. HTP is caused by underlying rage. Don’t argue with me about this…..  I can hear you. Truly it is. When the rage is taken care of – the HTP stops happening. Acupuncture works well for HTP as well.
What Changes Can You Expect?
Some of the issues that will eventually be resolved, depending on how much work you are willing to do, how deep you are willing to go and how long you work with me are:
Resolution of:
Self Condemnation
Being A Victim
Addictive relationships
Relationships that you settled for
Feeling Like A Chameleon
Communication Issues
Fear of Asking for what you want
You will feel:
Have a Greater Sense of Self
More Connected
Passion For Life
Jennifer is a certified life and sex coach. She is the author or Orgasm For Life

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