Orgasm For Life on The Love Doctor Radio

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Is your heart on fire?
Do you want your sex life to improve?
Do you want to have more frequent sex?
Do you wish your partner was more interested?

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My second book is out on Amazon. As you know writing the book is only half of the project. I would love it if you could support me and listen to this radio show tonight. This book,

Orgasm For Life was a book I was guided to write to bridge the chasm between men and women. It will help your relationship sizzle, turn you on and help you heal if you have had trauma in the past.

If you are not having the frequent sex you wish to have, you need to read this book AND listen to this show.
For all those who missed Jennifer Elizabeth Masters last week discuss her new book “Orgasm for Life” you are in for a real treat as we go into round two. Don’t miss your second chance as we discuss what’s hot and what’s not in the bedroom. 
Want to create more joy, pleasure, and fun in the bedroom or backseat of a car? Do you want the ultimate orgasm and sexual experience of your life no matter what age? Are you living passionately today or just pushing through hoping to make it through to tomorrow? Over 80% of woman have faked the big O more than a couple of times and men too. You can have orgasms every time with some proven techniques and she’s here to tell you how. intimacy and orgasms is the icing on the cake and improved sex lives make for lasting relationships. Jennifer Masters is a sex coach for women and has helped thousands of women achieve the big O. The Love Dr. and Ms. Master will discuss everything you wanted to know about sex but, were afraid to ask, Ladies grab your man take a seat and both of you take notes. We will be discussing everything from A-Z about sexual pleasure. The love lines are open Tues,June 17th 2014 9:00 pm est. 714-242-5155 For mature audiences only. Love Dr. Radio

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