Psychic Protection and Sexual Predators

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sarah Perkins Photography, Denver, CO

As a psychic and an intuitive, I have encountered many different experiences, that some might find outrageous, and unbelievable. Yet, I know what I feel, see and observe. I have heard, seen and felt the presence of spirits, talked to and been given messages for others. I have done over a thousand clearings for clients over the years to remove entities, dark energies and dark forces. Wherever there is light, there is also dark. We need to learn how to navigate through life without attracting the dark energies. We also need to learn how to stay clear, keep our homes clear of negative energies and thought forms. Every time an argument occurs in your home, you dirty the energy. Every time an accident occurs in a spot, the energy needs to be cleared, or another accident will occur in the same spot. It is the law of attraction in negative form occurring naturally. 

Those who have experienced an energy clearing can attest to how much more clarity, focus and positive energy they feel. They also observe how their clean energy can become bogged down with negativity and conflict. 

There are certain activities and places you can avoid to help keep your energy clear. Bars, casinos and other gambling and drinking establishments can muddy your energy. 

Jumping from bed to bed, having indiscriminate sex can create a low vibrational energy which attracts negative attachments. Smoking pot, drinking alcohol, taking prescription medications and street drugs all contribute to a lower vibrational energy as well.  When our vibration becomes reduced, we often become more negative, complain more, and anger more easily. Swearing is often a result of this and also attracts lower vibrational energy. 
Tonight’s weekly podcast is the final one in a series of Metaphysical subjects. This one is all about Psychic Protection and Psychic rape and molestation. How to protect yourself from these types of events, why do they happen and what can you do to prevent them from occurring again? 

Here is the download link for the podcast about psychic protection and psychic predators: Psychic Protection and Sexual Predators Download MP3

In the event that you are unable to attend, this podcast will be recorded. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. She is a life and sex coach and Master Energy healer. Her website is:

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