Can You Have An Orgasm For Your Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life is what we make it. Why not make it hot, passionate and lively? Although I am not having sex daily, I surely live from my heart, from a place of happiness. I used to be non-orgasmic into my 50’s. I knew I did not want to die non-orgasmic and I wanted to live fully. Molestation in childhood can cause sexual dysfunction. Sex in a relationship is important to stay connected, have deep meaningful communications. Sex is the glue that holds us together. Intimacy opens the door to a deeper relationship, setting our relationship apart from those that we have with other people. When a crisis happens when we have deep intimacy, we will be better able to withstand these difficult times.

Women need to understand themselves better, but men also need to better understand us.

Having a closer relationship with yourself, you are better able to communicate your desires with your partner. We mirror each other in relationships. Orgasm For Life was written to help you bridge the chasm between you so that you will have happier lives. We are all responsible for our own happiness, we are also responsible for our own orgasm. When we are responsible for ourselves, we raise our relationship to a higher level.

Rather than blame our partner, for NOT being orgasmic, why not better understand what feels good for you? When you have a better understanding of yourself, you can then communicate to your partner what you need. 

If you are not having orgasms every time you have sex, have you considered what is going on? Do you feel broken, damaged or as if something is wrong with you? If you feel this way, you are no alone. Over 40% of women have some form of sexual dysfunction. Over 80% of women are faking orgasms, because they feel it takes TOO LONG, to get there.

I have interviewed hundreds of men and women. These interviews helped me to find the truth in relationships. I found what it is that is missing. Loving yourself and your genitals opens you to having a loving relationship with your partner. The more accepting you are of yourself, the more accepting your partner will be of you.
Listen to this open-hearted interview on Voice America with Linzi Levinson.

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