Erectile Dysfunction: Natural Cures

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sexual dysfunction can occur with both sexes. Women fail to have orgasms, men can have issues with erection, or having orgasms too quickly (HTP – Hair Trigger Penis). For men, the latter is preferable, to not being able to either stay erect during the sex act or even get erect in the first place. 


More than 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the United States. 


This statistic is enough to have other parts of your body sit up and take notice. Something is wrong in our society for so many men to have issues with erectile dysfunction.

Being a woman, I have experienced my own sexual dysfunction. It can leave you feeling frustrated, empty and even angry. Knowing the cause, and how to work around the issue can help.
Erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence. It can be caused by both physical and psychological issues. By age 45 most men have experienced ED at least one time in their lives. Following are some of the causes of erectile dysfunction.
  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. High Cholesterol
  4. Advanced age – being more than 60 years of age
  5. Kidney disease
  6. Extreme fatigue
  7. Alcohol – drinking two or more drinks daily
  8. Being with the wrong person (you know you shouldn’t be doing this and your mind is telling you so)
  9. Obesity – penis shrinks due to weight gain
  10. Taking Statins, Blood pressure medicine   (over prescribed meds – in healthy people, know your body!)
  11. Surgery to remove prostate due to prostate cancer
  12. Low testosterone is not a result of, but can lead to ED
  13. Can be a sign of high blood pressure
  14. Coitaphobia – fear of having sex
  15. Performance anxiety – focusing too much on the mental issues
High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You
One of the food additives that I absolutely do not consume is High Fructose Corn syrup. Look at your labels. It is in everything from soda to juices, breads to burger patties. Cooking your own food, rather than eating prepared foods will protect you from this menace.

The use of High Fructose Corn Syrup has increased from zero to 60 pounds per person per year! During this time, the incidence of diabetes, heart disease and erectile dysfunction has tripled. This statistic cannot be ignored. Look around at the majority of people you see at the mall or walking around Walmart. They all have belly fat. This is from drinking soda and eating fast food. We have been systematically poisoned by our food, strategically so that we will develop diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Yes, cancer is caused by acidity in the body. Sugar causes acidity, as does white bread and too much meat.
Touted by the corn growers of America as being safe, it leads to high cholesterol blocking arteries and causing heart disease. High Fructose is a deadly ingredient causing untold damage in the body. It turns into a soft fat within the abdomen that is nearly impossible to rid the body of. Instead avoid it. If you consume products with High Fructose – STOP IMMEDIATELY.
Remember when the AMA said that fat caused heart disease? Well they were wrong. Sugar is the leading cause of heart disease and it is in everything from “healthy drinks” to our daily bread. I met two women from the UK at Walmart in the bread aisle. They were searching the shelves for bread that did not contain sugar. They could not find a single loaf. In England, bread does not contain sugar. They were dumbfounded.
The AMA (American Medical Association) used to tell us that coconut oil, avocados and other fats were bad for us. The opposite is true. We need fats for our brain to function. Our brain is composed of 60 percent fat. It is the fattest organ in the human body. Click here for more information about the brain.
Foods to avoid:
  1. #1 Worst Food: SODA!
  2. Energy drinks: Monster, Red Bull, 
  3. Iced tea 
  4. Milk Shakes
  5. Lime Aid, Fruit Juices with High Fructose
  6. Fast Food of any kind – mostly artifical ingredients
  7. Movie popcorn and soda Click here for more info
Longer Sex Act, Sustain Erections Longer
Most men have orgasms too frequently without sustaining their sexual energy long enough. Too frequent ejaculations when you are young, can shorten lifespan and cause your body to age prematurely. The Chinese and Indians believe that sexual energy needs to be harnessed, drawn up into the body and circulated around, rather than just focusing on the genitals. Keeping your sexual energy up for an hour or more before ejaculating can assist by holding and circulating your sexual energy through your body, into your heart center and connecting your emotions and feeling self with the sex act. This makes sex more meaningful, fulfilling for both you and your partner.
How Do You Do This?
Instead of rushing to ejaculate, enjoy the act of arousal. Pleasure your partner, take your time. Allow the energy to move throughout your whole body. Close your eyes, and have your partner place one hand on your genitals and the other on your heart. Envision drawing up this energy into your heart and center of your chest. You will begin to feel the fullness move from your genitals upwards and into your heart. 
Healthy Cures For Erectile Dysfunction
  1. Clean up your diet eat more veggies, eliminate sugar, high fructose and reduce alcohol.
  2. Lose weight.
  3. Exercise regularly – daily walking will reduce weight gently. Walk for 30 minutes at a good pace, and BREATHE.
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Swap oil to coconut oil rather than butter or margarine
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Strengthen PC muscles to strengthen erection and stamina
  8. Eat a plate of sauteed asparagus and drink 1/2 can of coke (once a month to and clean out urethra from build up of years of sugar and other junk foods). When the urethra is cleaned out your stream of urine is stronger and therefore your orgasms will be stronger as well. (Yes this is contradictory to what I said earlier – but only used once a month to clean out the pipes.)
For kidney stones
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For psychological issues, I have a variety of methods for curing sexual dysfunction. Neurolinguistic programming, combined with hypnotherapy and energy healing works like a charm. Set up your private session with Jennifer by phone or Skype.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author or Orgasm For Life, a sex and life coach, helping thousands of men and women heal their sexual dysfunction and self esteem issues. E-mail Jennifer  or visit her website here

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