Attracting THE ONE!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Love. Is is what we all want, search for and many crave. Women miss it when they don’t have it. Women wonder each time they have a date with a new man, “Is he THE ONE?” 

Women are notorious for spinning tales in their heads about weddings and engagements as early as the first date. Why is it we spend so much time thinking about it, but can’t seem to find it?

What I tell my clients is that when you begin to act as if you already have love, rather than searching and feeling empty you will find it. The way the Universe works is that we must begin to already be grateful for having love in our lives. We must feel full of love within ourselves first. We must give love to ourselves first.
When we begin to love ourselves, as we are, completely and unconditionally rather than waiting till we are absolutely perfect, love will come barreling in and knock us off our feet, when we stop looking.


Yes. We have to stop looking. When we are looking we are telling the Universe that we have nothing. We have no one. The more we focus on wanting a man or woman, the more we come up empty. We are focusing on the “NOT HAVING.” Instead focus on the love you have – with YOU!

We have to spend time nurturing ourselves. We have to love the parts of ourselves that we have been so critical of in the past. 


We have to get rid of old photos of ex-husbands from the mantel, and remove albums and treasures from old lovers. We have to let go of the past. We need to stop talking about who hurt us and how badly. When we keep talking about pain, we will attract another who will hurt us again.

Each event in our lives leads us along the road of life. Recognizing that the events that we have experienced teach us more about ourselves. They are not wrong or bad, just experiences. We need to be grateful for the lesson learned and the gift. Every experience and relationship has taught us more about ourselves. We need to turn our focus inward, rather than focusing on blame of our ex-husband or mate.


Part of letting go of the past is to forgive ourselves for attracting our previous partners into our lives. We have to forgive ourselves and we have to forgive the other person. The easiest and quickest way to forgive is to use the Ho’oponopono Prayer. 

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you


After you have forgiven yourself and everyone you have attracted into your life, it is time to begin to make room in closets. Begin to act as if he/she is already present in your life. 


People that go through my Love Yourself Fearlessly course are finding their Divine Partner before they finish the course in many cases. The simple act of beginning to love yourself makes you a magnet for love. It is a rare individual that can do this on their own. It took me over 30 years. Loving yourself is not as simple as saying, “Oh I love myself!” Answer the following questions to see if you love you.

Self Love I Q
  1. When in a relationship you continue your exercise routine as usual.
  2. When in a relationship you continue spending just as much time with family and friends.
  3. When in a relationship you put yourself first taking time to nurture yourself, rest, get your nails done and do your errands before spending time with your new love.
  4. You feel confident, strong and independent even when he doesn’t call.
  5. You remain balanced, taking a new relationship slowly, getting to know your new person, rather than jumping into bed on the first or second date.
  6. You are able to tell your new love what you want, don’t want and make unpopular decisions without fear of losing them.
  7. When you are away from your new love, you are able to fill your time and focus on other things. 
  8. When asked by your new love, you are able to recommend your favorite restaurants, music you like.
  9. You are able to show up always as your authentic true self. 
  10. You do not try to act the way you think they want you to be.
  11. You have healthy boundaries. You do not give more than you are physically able, keeping work, exercise, family and friends in balance.
  12. You feel confident even when your new love talks to those of the opposite sex.
  13. You are able to wait until he calls you, after having a fabulous time on the first date. 

If you answered more than 8 questions with a “NO” you need to focus on loving and accepting yourself as you are. I have some very good programs private and work at your own pace to help you do this. I also have some really great tools to bring in THE ONE, by the forth week. I have had great success. In fact one radio show host did the fourth week and manifested her ONE the very next day!

Or book your private FREE discovery session to find out if my programs are a good fit for you. I work with women and men committed to heal, grow and evolve. E-mail Jennifer NOW!

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