Orgasm For Life in Boulder, Colorado

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Boulder, Colorado is one of my favorite places on earth. It is peaceful, beautiful, and a place where I feel close to nature and God. For those of you with less of a spiritual bent, Boulder, Colorado has the front range of the Rocky Mountains, mountain fed streams, miles of walking and hiking paths and a community with a proclivity for health and

physical activities. The people of this community spend most of their waking moments outside, more than any other place I have ever visited. Whether it is skiing, mountain biking, hiking or sightseeing, Boulder has plenty to keep you busy and occupied. The plethora of wildlife, from coyotes, deer, elk,

foxes, and even the odd moose, offer you much to see and enjoy. The photos you see here, were taken in one hour walk. (Except for the deer this photo was taken on top of Flagstaff Mountain)

Since my arrival here on June 11, just over a week ago, I have toned up, reduced my weight and generally feel better than when I arrived. Even though I was walking every day in the Mojave desert in California, I am walking longer, further and faster than I would

in the heat of the desert. I take my two dogs and Luna (the one I am sitting for) on daily hikes along the Boulder Creek trail, or Mount Sanitas trail where we walk for about an hour. Walking along the rushing mountain stream allows the dogs plenty of cooling off and drinking water along the way.


An Orgasm for Life, is not just about sex. It is about living fully. It is about healthy living and living life to the fullest. When we put a part of life on hold, like sex, we are not fully functioning. Our first two chakras shut down. We often have financial difficulties or difficulty manifesting our ideas and creative gifts out into the world. Movement is necessary to keep the body healthy, alive and fully functioning. Sex is better when we feel better, are physically healthy and charging all cylinders. 

Outdoor exercise offers a more natural workout, than a gym routine does. You breathe fresh air, get your daily requirement of sunshine – Vitamin D3, which helps to prevent cancer and a slew of other ailments, including depression.

Lady with hip replacement on right

Walking is a natural exercise for our human body. Our heart rate increases, respiration is deeper, moving our arms and legs offers cardiovascular exercise that improves our health and mood. Just an hour a day can shift your perspective and upgrade your day to one where you accomplish more, because you feel happier.

Milkweed feeds butterlies

In today’s economy and busy world, we need an outlet to relieve stress. Exercise outdoors will do more than improve your mood and physical health. It will help you focus, as seratonin and endorphins are released in the body.These fields were ploughed and seeded once in the 1930’s. Since then the natural grasses have been harvested, but never have been re-seeded. Leo Hogan below is a fourth generation farmer of this land. His family leases it from the City of Boulder. 

Orgasm For Life is a book to bridge the chasm between men and women. It is full of wisdom, for both sexes. It was written to help bridge the chasm between men and women. It is laugh out loud funny, insightful and will give you great ideas for igniting the fire of passion in your bedroom. 

40% of women are non-orgasmic. It is not due to any physical issue, but rather emotional trauma stuck in the body.  80% of women fake orgasm. Find out how this pattern can be changed so that both men and women are fulfilled. Guaranteed to fire you up, give you great ideas and boost your prowess in the bedroom. 

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