Rejecting A Gift

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Have you ever given a gift to someone and had it judged, rejected or returned? Have you ever returned a gift that was given. Have you ever judged or criticized a gift that someone gave you?

As a teacher, speaker and life coach, I witness people and their reactions to life. I have recently witnessed on two separate occasions people who rejected and criticized a gift that I gave them. It made me think back to a time when I too had criticized a gift that had been given to me. It was at a time when I clearly did not love and accept myself. I also remember being at the receiving end where my gift was rejected as well. It did not feel good. In fact it felt as if love was being rejected.

When someone gives you something and you return it, judge it or criticize it, you are showing how you feel about you. If you cannot graciously accept a gift without judging it, you judge yourself. Greater than that, your heart is closed and you are filled with self condemnation. Beyond judgment, your heart is so closed that you are not able to receive love.

Notice your reaction when someone gives you a complement. Do you graciously say, “Thank you.” Or, do you Say, “Oh, this old thing?” Maybe you receive a complement by deflecting it, or feeling terribly uncomfortable. How you receive complements is an indication of how able you are to receive love. If you reject a complement, you also reject love. You feel unworthy. You feel undeserving. Therefore you cannot accept a complement. 

The more you love yourself, the more you are able to receive love. The less you are able to receive, the less you love yourself. We are like sponges, we can receive an infinite amount of love, when we already love ourselves. When we don’t love ourselves, it is as if our sponge is bone dry, nothing can be absorbed. 

How can you begin to love you?

  1. Stop looking at yourself through the eyes of a Gestapo Guard. Soften your perception of yourself. Look at yourself as if you are a newborn baby. You would not judge or criticize an infant for anything it does. You would love it unconditionally. Think of yourself as an infant. Look at yourself through the EYES OF LOVE.
  2. THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Changing your thoughts can heal your body of pain, depression and apathy. Like any fitness program it takes 30 days to break through old patterns. Keep it up, you are so worth it!
  3. Fall in love with you. Just as you would get to know a new person you are dating and interested in, become acquainted with you. Get to know yourself. What makes you feel good? What makes you happy? Write a list of both. 
  4. What do you love to do? Write a list of things you love to do and do something from that list each week.
  5. What nurtures your soul? Write a list of the things that nurture you. Nurture yourself daily.
  6. Get yourself outside. Being out in nature can lift your spirits. Take yourself on an adventure to a place you love. 
  7. Road trips are a great way to connect with yourself. Turn up the music and sing.
  8. Forgive yourself and others. An easy way is using the Kahuna healing prayer the Ho’oponopono Prayer.
  9. Dance to music that makes you feel happy. Moving your body can change your perspective.
  10. Read books that make you feel good. 
  11. Avoid people that bring you down and criticize you. 
  12. Watch movies that make you laugh.
  13. Cook healthy food for yourself. When you nurture yourself with food that will keep you healthy, you will feel better. Avoid sugar, high fructose, white foods (flour, white bread and white rice). These foods all lower your vibration and can cause depression.
  14. Have a daily spiritual practice. A spiritual connection can fill you up, shift feelings of loneliness and depression. I highly recommend The Divine Presence Process Meditation on You Tube. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life, Odyssey Victim to Victory and is a life, sex and catalystic coach. She is highly intuitive, compassionate and cuts to the root of your issues with ease and grace. She will be your biggest supporter, leading your into the ease and joy of life. When your perspective changes, your life changes. This is not about you being a different person. It is about seeing yourself differently, with a softer gaze.

Most people need someone to lead them along and help them navigate through the depression, chaos, break-ups, and challenges. If you are going through life changes, divorce, recovery from abuse, childhood trauma or sexual dysfunction. Jennifer is the one that has been where you are, she has walked through the fire and knows the pitfalls and the ways to climb out of the chasm of fear. She will help you get there. When you look back weeks, months or a year later, you will not believe your notes of how you felt when you began working with Jennifer. She can help you clear apathy, being stuck, getting your work of art out into the world or your book written. Through self love, all things are possible. 

Jennifer has been where you are and healed her insomnia, depression, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr syndrome and healed breast cancer, without medication, without chcmo. A healed healer, she has a large tool box to draw on. From Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Energy healing to life coaching, Jennifer is a master at her work. She will help you become a master of your life. E-mail Jennifer for your discovery session to begin living your life to the fullest, in happiness, joy and fulfillment. Check out her website here. Or her books here.

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