Experiencing A Close Encounter With An Elk

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Colorado

I love nature. There is nothing like being outside and connecting with wildlife and trekking up to the top of a mountain at 12,000 feet above sea level. 

Being with my family, is another event that brings me great joy. Sunday, I spent a beautiful day with my daughter and her boyfriend. It was one of the loveliest of days – spectacular, actually. I would like to share it with you. We saw deer, elk and a flying squirrel. Walked to the top of a mountain at 12,000 feet and had a close encounter with an elk. 

If you have missed reading my posts, I have been spending much needed time with my daughter before I return to California and she heads off to begin college.


The drive to Longs Peak is treacherous, with thousands of feet below and no guard rail, it is a scary drive up to the top. Ariel drove up and I drove back down. At the top of the mountain, though the temperatures were in the high 80’s in Boulder, they were more like 35- 40 degrees with the wind chill. The wind whipped your hair and made it stand on end.
11,000 feet above sea level. Cold, windy and above the tree line. The only thing that lives up here are alpine grasses, and alpine flowers, which are low growing and very rich.
Panoramic view
This was a very close encounter with an elk cow…. Watch this video



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